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Maryland Man Accused of Shooting at Truck of Trump Supporters After They Honked

by Jennifer Shea
Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

A 50-year-old man was arrested after he fired a shotgun at a truck full of Trump supporters who had honked at him Saturday in Kingsville, Maryland. 

Assault on Trump Supporters

Police charged Douglas Kuhn with two counts of first-degree assault, two counts of second-degree assault, and a felony firearm charge, among other charges. NBC News reported no one was injured in the exchange. Neal Houk and his son Bradley Lang were the targets of the attack. The pair honked at Kuhn, who then discharged his shotgun in their direction.

Baltimore County police said in a statement that both parties had political signs visible.

“The victims, adult males, drove past the intersection of Cedar Lane and Mt. Vista Road with a political campaign sign in the back of their truck while the suspect put up a political campaign sign on his property,” the police said. “The victim honked his horn several times at the suspect. The suspect picked up a shotgun and discharged it as they drove by. The victims drove to a safe location and called police.”

Neal Houk told WJZ-TV that he and his son honked their horn at Kuhn as he was putting up a Black Lives Matter yard sign. Houk had a Trump sign in his truck.

“He reached down. He had a shotgun right there, pulled it out and pointed it right at [us],” Houk said. “And we were in disbelief. Next thing we heard was a shotgun blast.”

Political Divisions

Fox News confirms that Kuhn also had Biden campaign signs in his yard and Neal Houk had a Trump sign in his truck. Houk’s son, Bradley Lang, is a former leader of the Towson College Republicans.

“It’s Kingsville, it’s a friendly area,” Lang told WBAL-TV. “Everyone honks at each other. We think we were hoping there could be some civility between people who support different candidates.”

Kuhn appeared in court Monday and was denied bail. According to WBAL-TV, Baltimore County District Court Judge Philip Tirabassi grew irate over the circumstances of the case during Kuhn’s bail review hearing.

“How did it get to the point where he pulls out a shotgun?” the judge asked. “What has the world come to? This is beyond belief. Free speech. Why resort to weaponry. This could have been horrible.”