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Maskless Customer Unleashes Rant on Walmart Employees

by Outsider

An angry maskless customer in Alaska was caught on video harassing employees at a Walmart store in Anchorage on Thursday. Instagram footage shows the man screaming and facing up to workers during a tirade about “his rights and liberties.”

In the video, the man quickly walks toward the store exit before turning around yelling, “Get back on your highway to hell and get out of a godly man’s face.”

One worker says, “have a good day” as he approaches the exit. He responds by saying they are “blind and ignorant” and unable to “come up with you own f—— ideas.”

The customer is then asked to leave to which he replies they “have not established authority” to force him. When he requests to see a manager, a worker informs that he is presently speaking to four managers.


Irate customer refuses to back down

At one point, the man turns around again and flips off the workers behind him. “Please return your service of Satan in your ignorant belief you are right,” he demanded.

Moments later, he gets in the face of a female worker when she follows him out the door. She stands still with her arms crossed as she repeatedly tells him to have a good day. He then tells her to “bring the police.”

He continues standing in the worker’s face while saying he has the “right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.” He said his “happiness is best served by standing in your face and saying you’re a fool and wrong and you have no authority over me.”

The video ends with the anti-masker, whose name has not been released, telling the workers they “aren’t even human” before he finally storms out of the store.

A representative from Walmart has released this statement: “It’s unfortunate that this individual chose to express their displeasure in such an inappropriate manner, but we’re proud our associates displayed patience and professionalism as they navigated this challenging situation.”

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