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Watch: Massachusetts Family Honors Coronavirus Victims With Over 8,000 Flags in Front Yard

by Hunter Miller
(photo credit: Paul Weaver / Unsplash)

A Massachusetts Family is honoring coronavirus victims in a patriotic way. The Labbe family in Grafton plans to plant small US flags in their front yard for every person in the state that dies from the virus.

Currently, the Labbe family has 8,013 flags in the yard. Melissa Labbe, one of the family’s children, spoke about the tribute. “People have died in the hospital without families around, so we just wanted to give back to them,” Melissa told Boston 25 News.

With so many flags in the yard, the Labbes front yard is getting more and more crowded every day. “We’re hoping it doesn’t go too much more, but we might have to,” Melissa said.

In addition to honoring the victims, the Labbes want to pay tribute to medical workers. The family posted a massive plaque in the yard in which they thank the men and women on the front lines including the doctors, nurses, and first responders. The family refers to them as the heroes of the pandemic.

People from across the state of Massachusetts drive to the Labbes home to view the flags on display. However, the family requests that visitors practice social distancing.

One visitor, Janice Norsigian, said she lost a brother-in-law to the coronavirus. “I think it’s nice for them to go through all the trouble of doing that to honor everyone,” Norsigian said.

Labbe family father, Michael Labbe, spoke about what he hoped would happen during the pandemic. “I truly believed that [the virus] would unite us,” he said. “Not just as neighbors. Not just as a family. But as a country, and as a world that we would get united. And look where we are today. We’re just the opposite. We don’t have to see eye to eye but we should respect and honor each other. Human life at the end of the day.

Like millions of others, the Labbe family took a financial hit during the pandemic. However, they refuse donations despite the tribute costing thousands of dollars.

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