Massachusetts State Troopers Use Academy Hallway for Slip ‘N Slide, Get Suspended

by Matthew Memrick
(Photo by Essdras M Suarez/The Boston Globe via Getty Images)

A fun moment with a hallway-turned Slip’ N Slide at the Massachusetts State Troopers Academy turned into two suspensions for instructors.

Officials suspended troopers Douglas Grout and Ryan Stanley a combined 75 days after they ordered trainees to slide shirtless headfirst down a New Braintree-based academy hallway. The floor was made slick with water, and trainees slid in a makeshift “Slip N’ Slide” activity.

Grout shared the video with others before officials learned of the incident earlier this year. Grout won’t take two promotional exams; Stanley just one. The academy removed both men from their posts.

“The outcome of the investigation reflects the seriousness with which Colonel Mason and his command staff view the code of conduct demanded of department members as well as the conduct expected of drill instructors responsible for trainees,” an MST statement read.

However, safety was a priority as one trainee wore a helmet as part of his slide. Academy officials did not release any information about any damages or injuries from the hallway event.

Social Media Reacts To Suspensions 

Many Twitter posters were amazed by the long suspension for the troopers, among other consequences. They called the moment light-hearted and did not warrant such hefty consequences. 

One, who identified as @letstugolf said, “Who really cares???? A two-day suspension would have sent a message to the two troopers. With all the ptsd and violence against police a little fun is good to lighten things up. Hope the two troopers find a better police agency to work for.”

Another Twitter user said, “I’m all for holding cops responsible for the crap they pull on a daily basis, but this just looks like a little harmless fun to me. Is there some context I have missed here?”

The man’s question got a response from another Twitter user who claimed to have first-hand knowledge of the seriousness of training in law enforcement.

“No, you didn’t miss anything. It was a training academy. I’m a widow of a police officer and army veteran. He said where he trained they took things very seriously like the military.”

State Troopers Not Getting Good News Lately

It’s been rough for the state’s state troopers. First, state officials suspended multiple troopers in late October for refusing vaccines. Recently, the State Police Association of Massachusetts’s challenge to that state’s mandate got rejected days ago by a Department of Labor Relations investigator.

Also, last week a man claimed retaliation for filming a sleeping state trooper. Marlborough resident Nick Ford caught the trooper sleeping and then was pulled over by that trooper minutes later. The trooper gave him a warning ticket.

Days later, a trooper tried to contact Ford repeatedly, and the man got angry. Later, state police announced an Internal Affairs investigation due to the man’s video work

Officials said the trooper was on active duty.

Ford told the Springfield (Mass.) Republican that he had driven past the trooper sleeping in his cruiser for a “solid 12 months” before he filmed it and confronted the trooper.