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Massive Cow Charges Police Officer on Highway: VIDEO

by Michael Freeman
(Photo by David Young/picture alliance via Getty Images)

You often hear of animals crossing roads and people herding them away from traffic. Apparently, this cow wasn’t having any of it and decided to charge a police officer trying to herd if off the highway.

This time, it’s personal. A California officer got more than he bargained for on December 23 after he tried to nudge a highway-dwelling cow off the road. The New York Post obtained footage of the event, showing a close encounter of the meaty variety.

The California Highway Patrol’s Susanville division also shared the footage on their Facebook page with a brief clip of the incident. Officer Pratt is the individual in the video and as you can see, the herded soon became the herder.

“Our Officer Pratt caught on camera one of the many dangers we face on a daily basis here in rural northeastern California,” the post states. “Susanville CHP regularly handles calls of large animals that are outside of fenced areas and are threatening our motoring public by walking into the highway. This meat locomotive decided it had enough of being told what to do. Fortunately Officer Pratt escaped relatively unscathed!”

Bruce Thuelchassaigne, a CHP Susanville office spokesperson, gave the Los Angeles Times additional details. “The cow was pretty mad. It put its head down and went to throw him up in the air,” he said. Bruce also disclosed the cow luckily only dealt a “glancing blow” to Pratt’s right shoulder.

As the CHP Susanville post mentioned, this is a daily occurrence in rural northeastern California. As such, they remind people to “always buckle up, never drink and drive, and call CHP to handle those pesky cows that are outside their fences.”

I suspect Pratt will think twice before trying to moove another cow off of the road.

Detroit Police Officers Save Trapped Puppies in Vacant House

Police officers had their hands full with more than cows lately it seems. In Detroit, authorities saved puppies found in a vacant home.

Fox News reported the Christmas miracle that occurred just a day after the holiday. Someone called Detroit’s eleventh precinct claiming an aggressive dog was lingering around an abandoned home. Responding to the call, officers Kourani and Rogers only found puppies with their mother. Kourani told Fox the dog was “nowhere near” vicious.

In fact, it was quite the opposite, as the mother was malnourished and searching for food to sustain both her and her puppies. Knowing the officers had to earn her trust before approaching the puppies, Rogers was luckily prepared. “I generally always keep bags of dog treats in my car and in our police car,” she said. “So, I just kind of worked my way up on the porch, getting closer and closer with the treats.”

After about half an hour, the dog eagerly took treats out of Rogers’ hand, so the officers made their way into the house and rescued the puppies. Taking them to the Detroit Pit Crew Dog Rescue, they were informed the dogs likely wouldn’t have survived the harsh winter conditions for another night.