Massive Winter Storm Threatens Northeast, Promising Strong Winds

by Shelby Scott

After a brief reprieve from winter weather, regions spanning the Northeastern United States buckle down for another massive storm.

Major winds and freezing rain had already wreaked havoc early Friday morning, leaving more than 100,000 Northeasterners without power. According to the New York Post, the massive storm will likely endure throughout the Presidents’ Day weekend.

New York specifically should expect to sustain heavy rain and strong winds, with even more power outages expected as the winter storm makes its way north toward Maine.

Currently, Accuweather reports Long Island remains under a heavy wind watch. Meanwhile, New York City and New Jersey are expected to see heavy rain. On the opposite side of the state, western regions of NY may see accumulations of freezing rain.

Now, however, the strong winds appear to be creating the most danger on NY’s eastern side. As per the news outlet, multiple bridges saw limited access Friday morning, with the Verrazzano Bridge’s upper level closed entirely. News of the closure came via the NYC Emergency Notification system.

Meanwhile, much farther south, areas across central Alabama may have experienced a damaging tornado Thursday night. Like regions across the Northeast, major storms left thousands without power, the tornado initially reported from the Birmingham suburbs.

One AL resident reported coming home to find a tree had fallen onto his neighbor’s mobile home. Fortunately, the couple occupying the residence received no injuries. However, the woman could be heard screaming for help prior to her extraction from the wreckage.

While further power outages will result from the Northeast’s ongoing storm, 6,000 AL residents had no power on Friday morning.

Midwest Winter Storm Results in 20-Car Pileup

Weekend plans seem to be a thing of the past as severe winter weather keeps ruining weekends across the U.S.

While the Northeast prepares for massive winds and even more power outages Friday, last weekend saw areas across the Midwest facing yet another winter storm. However, things turned especially ugly in Detroit when a snowstorm resulted in limited visibility on major roadways, resulting in a 20-car pileup.

Authorities attributed the pileup to motorists traveling too fast amid decreased visibility. An additional 15 cars or so also crashed amid the Midwest winter storm. Amid the mess, first responders reported just one major injury on I-96 EB near Grand River.

Following the weekend pileup, the snow continued to fall into Monday, with areas across Detroit seeing up to two inches of snow by Sunday evening.

Among the mess, forecasters predicted certain affected areas would see snowfall at a rate of one inch per hour. The wintery mess became worsened by frigid temperatures, with wind chills falling to zero early last week.

So, after last weekend’s major pileup and the freezing rain sure to result in major destruction across the Northeast, we encourage Outsiders to use major caution when traveling in such dicey road conditions.