Massive Yacht Fire in Miami Sends Boaters Diving Into the Water: WATCH

by Samantha Whidden
(Photo via Smith Collection/Gado/Getty Images).

Chao ensued in Miami on Friday (October 28th) when a massive yacht fire sent terrified boaters diving into the water.

According to Miami’s WSVN, The Miami Beach Fire Rescue units arrived on the scene of the yacht fire near the Miami Beach Marina. A cellphone video that was done from a nearby balcony showed the boat completely engulfed in flames. “Holy [expletive],” someone is heard in the video. “That boat really is on fire!” 

The media outlet further revealed that there were three people on board the anchored yacht when the fire started. All three jumped into the Biscayne Bay. Miami city officials shared that a dock master at the marina used a boat to move the yacht’s passengers before first responders arrived. 

While no one was injured during the fire, the yacht sustained extensive damage. Officials noted that the occupants said a generator had ignited and caused the blaze. 

One of the passengers spoke to Local 10 about their first reaction to the fire. “I thought they were kidding at first but then I realized this is how we are getting off this boat,” Jamie Maloney, the passenger, stated. Another passenger said, “There was the captain of the tourist boat and he is saying jump to my boat now. We don’t see the whole back of the boat on fire.”

Maloney gave their captain credit for how the situation was handled. “We are very lucky, our captain was amazing,” Maloney said. “It’s due to him, the captain saved most of our belongings.”

The cause of the yacht fire was unknown.

Miami Experienced Another Yacht Fire Last Month

In early September, CBS Miami reported that one person was airlifted with described “traumatic injuries” following a yacht fire in Aventura. 

Miami-Dade Fire Rescue officials told the media outlet that a fire sparked on a multi-million yacht. More than 20 fire rescue units responded to the blaze. The incident occurred at 1520 Island Blvd. A person who lived nearby also shared, “It was sad to see that big beautiful yacht on fire.” 

Another witness said that fiberglass on the boat more than likely contributed to the fire. He said that the owner had been there the entire time. “It’s unfortunate. Hopefully, he had insurance.” 

The media outlet further reported that fire crews that arrived at the scene discovered the large vessel docked behind a house on the waterway. It was described as being fully engulfed, with flames shooting up high and black smoke.

Fire department officials also said the fire was taken out with foam to put it under control. The department’s fire boat was also at the scene to assist in putting out the fire. The cause of the fire was being investigated.