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Matthew McConaughey Addresses ‘Defund the Police’ Movement

by Matthew Wilson
Photo credit: Rick Kern/WireImage/Getty Images

Matthew McConaughey revealed his viewpoints on Black Lives Matter and the Defund the Police movement. He said he believes the term has been mislabeled. He also believes police can be better trained.

McConaughey stopped by the podcast The Joe Rogan Experience to discuss a variety of topics. In addition to commenting on his faith, he also talked about his political views and the movement to defund the police. In the actor’s view, he said the term “defund” has been mislabeled. He believes another term should be used.

“It’s almost like it should have been renamed because ‘defund’ does not sound anything like there’s been money reallocated to different areas of handling some police exercise,” McConaughey said. “It sounds like you got a million and, ‘We’re taking three hundred thousand. Good luck.’ And it’s not exactly what it is, to be fair.”

Matthew McConaughey Believes Departments Need To Better Train Officers

The actor believes police need to do a self-assessment of their own culture. He said they should be more like tow truck drivers. He said police departments need to do a better job at training their officers. McConaughy also said he understands how stressful being always on alert as a police officer can be. Departments should do a better job of addressing that issue.

“We’re not called when there’s good news; we’re called when it’s bad news. So we’re coming in looking for trouble,” McConaughey said as a hypothetical officer. “‘So we’re already under stress when we get a call. Can ‘y’all’ help us in the way we communicate? Can we get trust again?'”

Previously, McConaughey urged people on both sides of the political spectrum to embrace the results of the Nov. 3 election.

“After [the election], whether it’s an incumbent or whether it’s Biden after it happens is when it’s time to get constructive and not be in denial,” McConaughey said. “It’s time to get constructive and not deny the fact of whatever’s happened and embrace the situation.”