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Matthew McConaughey Speaks out Again About Uvalde Shooting

by Samantha Whidden
(Photo by Win McNamee/Getty Images)

Six months after the mass shooting at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas, Matthew McConaughey speaks out about the incident once again in order to bring awareness. 

On May 24th, shoot Salvador Ramos entered Robb Elementary School and killed nineteen students and two teachers. He also wounded seventeen others. Members of the U.S. Border Patrol Tactical Unit fatally shot Ramos after they went through local and state officers, who were in the school’s hallways. The school was permanently closed.

While speaking to PEOPLE for the media outlet’s 2022 People of the Year edition, Matthew McConaughey recalled when he first heard about the devastating shooting that impacted his hometown. While processing the news, his wife Camila called. “This is 40 seconds after I found out the news,” he recalled. “She immediately goes, ‘I’m getting on the next flight back – we’ve got to go down there.’ And I was like, ‘Yeah, we do.’”

Matthew McConaughey then spoke about how quick he was to realize he had to do something. “I was working in the studio all day. So I came out, and my phone had blown up. I checked the news. There was a message from Camila, so I called her right back. Being in shock, I was a little immobilized, and she said it before I could: ‘We’ve got to go.’”

Matthew McConaughey admitted that he and Camila didn’t know where or how they would be needed most. However, once they arrived it became clear to them that their connection was with the families. Especially when it came to Camila and the victims’ mothers. “She became a support system for them, and even now, long after we have left, she still maintains that support when needed. There was a connection there between her and the families that was different than what they needed from me.”

Matthew McConaughey Declares He Wants The Lost Children’s Lives to Matter 

Meanwhile, Matthew McConaughey opened up about what he wanted to do and what needed to be done. It was more than him just saying sorry for what happened. 

“In the first meetings, we said, ‘So what was your favorite thing about your kid? What’d they love to do?’” Matthew McConaughey continued. “And each one would light up, and they’re smiling and then they’re laughing. They’d just come to life. And I realized that they weren’t mourning the death of their child as much as they were just trying to keep the life force within their [child’s] dreams, the memory of that person, alive.”

Matthew McConaughey then declared he just wants the lost children’s lives to matter. “And after a few days of these conversations, it became clear we had more to do [and] were still on the journey.”

This was when Matthew McConaughey talked about going to D.C. to have a conversation about gun control. “We didn’t go to D.C. to [have] a press conference. We weren’t organized, but we were armed with frontline stories from the families. I had to remind myself many times, ‘Matthew, you ain’t got to be an expert on fricking gun control. You don’t have to sound like a lawyer who knows all the points and constitutional rights.’ Trust me, I studied — I did as much of a crash course as I could.”