Mayday: Plane Crashes in Texas After Clipping Streetlight in Wild Video

by John Jamison

If your plane is ever involved in a parade, don’t try to take off and fly home from the street. Yes, it’s a specific scenario. Yes, a Texas pilot attempted it and crashed into a streetlight. No, fortunately, he wasn’t seriously injured in the ordeal.

On Saturday, the town of Winnie, Texas held a parade for the opening of their annual Rice Festival. Following the parade, a pilot decided that the quickest way back to the airport would mean taking off from the street. Things looked good up until the plane made it to an intersection. It simply didn’t have enough altitude to clear the traffic lights. The plane caught, spun, and smashed into the ground. Fortunately, it hit wheels first and managed to avoid the surrounding traffic.

According to KPRC, there were no significant injuries reported. Though the crash completely totaled the small aircraft. The local news outlet added that authorities are currently investigating the cause of the crash. Initial impressions lead them to believe that strong winds played a role in the incident.

ABC 13 Houston shared footage of the Texas crash. The video may be disturbing for some, but the pilot did walk away from the ordeal.

The Second Texas Plane Crash in the Same Number of Weeks

The Winnie Rice Festival crash is the second Texas incident involving aircraft in two weeks. The first crash was a wholly different scenario, granted. It involved a Navy T45C Goshawk training jet. No one was killed in either, thankfully.

The military aircraft crashed into power lines outside of Fort Worth, Texas. The pilots managed to eject before the crash, and no one in the residential Lake Worth area was hurt. As you might expect, however, there was a fair amount of property damage.

“Our police units responded and initial units reported that one pilot had ejected and was caught in some power lines and another pilot had ejected and was found in the neighborhood nearby,” said Police Chief J.T. Manoushagian, per People.

One of the pilots was in serious condition following the crash, but updates from this week confirm that his health is improving. The other fared better and was able to leave the hospital a day after the crash.

According to Fox 4, the Navy finished cleaning up the crash site as of yesterday. There is still no word on what exactly caused the crash. But the investigation is still ongoing.

“This incident could’ve been much worse knowing that this plane went down in a residential area here in Lake Worth,” said Fire Department Chief Ryan Arthur.

We’re going to go out on a limb and say a T45 Goshawk is capable of inflicting far more damage than an agricultural plane. Though, the people of Texas were fortunate to avoid a major disaster in both cases.