‘Mayor of Kingstown’ Star Jeremy Renner Talks Hectic Back to Back Schedule

by Kati Michelle

Mayor of Kingstown hit the Paramount+ streaming platform exactly two weeks ago with Jeremy Renner taking the helms as the show’s lead character, Mike McClusky. The show comes from Taylor Sheridan, who Outsiders can also thank for being the genius behind Yellowstone. It tackles some pretty heavy, but timely themes set in Kingstown, Michigan.

But, of course, fans of Jeremy Renner also know him for his contributions to the world of Marvel. Making appearances in several of the comic-based flicks, he also his Hawkeye series which just hit streaming services earlier this week on the 24th. The guy’s got a lot on his plate, so how does he balance it all? He actually opened up about his hectic back-to-back schedule in a recent interview. Here’s what he had to say.

Jeremy Renner Says the Different ‘Vibes’ of Each Show Helped Balance Each Other Out

Both his Marvel series and Mayor of Kingstown series deal with justice but in slightly different ways. And Jeremy Renner says that was actually a good thing when it came to filming the projects back-to-back. He tells reporters:

“The idea that both these shows were back to back, I just didn’t realize it until probably halfway through. I wanted to shift the energy on set because a lot of the stuff we were doing was heavy, right? I remember shifting the off-camera vibe to being a little bit lighter. It kind of weighs on you a bit if that’s all we’re living in. Hawkeye actually helped me to transition the set vibe, if you will, to be maybe a little bit lighter.”

He then went on to explain the relief he’s felt because “now you can crack jokes on a set like The Mayor of Kingstown.

Teasing Fans With Another Project On His Official Instagram Page

About a week ago, Jeremy Renner took to Instagram to tease fans with another project. This one is a collaboration with Men’s Health Magazine. It’s the same magazine that we saw Christopher Meloni go full-on nude for back in summer. Here are the five action shots that Renner shared with his 16.2 million followers from the set.

Check ’em out:

Cars, tattoos, and a little grease. That appears to be the theme of this photoshoot. Renner calls it a “fun one” tagging all of the other projects that culminated this month: @marvelstudios @paramountplus @disneyplus @hawkeyeofficial @mayorofkingstown

One comment gaining a lot of traction comes from @instakebb who says “We need another Bourne Legacy.”

Although Renner has yet to respond and no official word exists on that project, there’s no telling what could happen in this day and age with revamps, spinoffs, and reimaginings.