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McDonald’s Announces New Addition, Pull-Apart Donuts, to Breakfast Menu

by Shelby Scott
(Photo by Brandon Bell/Getty Images)

Throughout this crazy year, we’ve seen many new and inventive food ideas from beloved food chains across the country. One of those food trends saw the introduction of the chicken wars. Now, the favored American food chain McDonald’s plans to premiere a new breakfast item: pull-apart donuts?

While the feat sounds both strange and delicious, the new breakfast feature will debut this September 1st. The glazed donut pull-aparts look absolutely delicious in the photo. Truthfully, we can’t wait to pair them with a warm cup of coffee this fall. According to delish, it appears that not only will the gooey treats feature at most McDonald’s locations, they will also be served warm.

McDonald’s has seen a lot of inventiveness with new menu items lately. However, we are most definitely excited about the new breakfast (or dessert depending on how you spin it).

Unfortunately, however, the new breakfast treat will feature as the menu’s premiere limited edition item for now. The chain hasn’t released a final date for the limited edition pull-aparts. Nevertheless, we still suggest you treat yourself to them as soon as they hit McDonald’s bakeries.

Despite the yummy appearance of the food chain’s latest addition, McDonald’s is internationally famed for getting into legal trouble. Most often, the legal issues originate through food quality and advertisement issues. The most recent dilemma arose when the chain attempted to advertise their quarter pounder as a “sustainably sourced” meal.

Further, many of us can’t resist McDonald’s fries and other snacks, attributing them to a (mostly) harmless guilty pleasure. To be honest, it would be nice for a second to see the food chain incorporate more healthy, purer food options on their menu. And recently, Mickey D’s tried to accommodate.

Nevertheless, the advertisement received much skepticism and analysis, unsurprisingly, resulting in the chain taking down its ad. Initially, the commercial portrayed the burger as entirely natural and sourced through “green” methods. However, the fine print stated only 30% was sustainably sourced. This fact was enough to draw skepticism and harsh criticism from the Canadian Food Inspection Agency. The agency among several others attempted to take legal action against the company, however, McDonald’s removed the ad to avoid problems altogether.

The World’s Most Infamous Food Chain Has Endured Numerous Lawsuits

Despite the famed foods and meals that originate at McDonald’s, the international franchise has experienced a world of legal troubles over the years. The most recent lawsuit arose from a Russian woman who claimed that the company made her break a fast over the Christian Lent holiday.

Following her unfortunate break in fasting, she attempted to sue the company for 1000 rubles, which roughly translates to 14 American dollars.

She insisted the company financially compensate her for moral damage as she was able to avoid meat until she encountered an apparently irresistible McDonald’s ad.