McDonald’s to Bring Back Frozen Menu Items Just in Time For Summer

by Will Shepard

The official start of summer is just over a month away. So, McDonald’s felt that it was appropriate to bring back a summer fan favorite. The company is going to help its customers cool down in the hot months ahead with a special treat.

The fast-food company has expanded its menu. In particular, they are bringing back a fan-favorite series of treats. Frozen Coca-Cola and Frozen Fanta in both Blue Raspberry and Wild Cherry flavors are back. These treats are already back on the menus nationwide.

According to McDonald’s, the Frozen Coke is “the great taste of Coca-Cola in a refreshing frozen drink.” The company also says that the frozen beverage is a “perfect partner for your favorite” burgers and fries.

Frozen Beverages Are Now Available to Purchase at Any McDonald’s

Additionally, the Fanta Blue Raspberry offers a “sweet, fruity raspberry flavor with a hint of tartness for a super cool refreshing treat that’s perfect for the summer.” Then, there is the Frozen Fanta Wild Cherry that the fast-food chain is excited about as well. They say that it’s “the sweet, fruity flavor of your favorite cherry candy in an ice-cold frozen drink.”

It seems like McDonald’s rolled out the frozen treats in an undercover manner. In 2016, the company tried out the drinks as a test in a couple of areas in Kansas.

Now, though, there was no real release date for the treats. People have been working to figure out when the frozen drinks were back on menus. However, the results around the U.S. have been mixed in terms of how long they’ve been on the menu.

People took to social media all over the country to get the answer. One person in Hawaii said that the treat has been in the golden arches for about a month and a half. Meanwhile, one customer in California said that the Frozen drink flavors have been on the menu for about a year.

Of course, there are many other options to choose from on McDonald’s menu to satisfy your sweet tooth. Some of those fall into the beverage category, and others don’t. But, if you are looking for a tasty frozen beverage, then try out the Frozen Coke drinks.

This is certainly good timing as the U.S. prepares for the hot summer ahead. But, of course, the fast-food chain has other offers for people that aren’t looking for a sweet.

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