McDonald’s Customer Dies in Drive-Thru in ‘Final Destination’ Like Freak Accident

by Kati Michelle

McDonald’s brings out a wide variety of customers, to say the least. Their employees and drive-thrus witness the best and worst of mankind on a daily basis. Notable headlines from past incidents include lawsuits for cracking a tooth on a McNugget, FTC investigations into endlessly broken McFlurry machines, and even cows in the drive-thru. I

t’s a grab bag of chaos, really. The most recent tragedy to plague a Vancouver location continues to baffle folks worldwide. In a freak accident on the same level as “Final Destination,” a customer actually died. Here’s what happened.

A Recap of the Accident

Wednesday morning, nothing seemed out of the ordinary for the Vancouver McDonald’s location in question and they went about business as usual. That is, until one customer’s fumble cost him his life. After putting in his order at the drive-thru speaker, the unnamed customer proceeded to pull forward to the pay window. This is where he dropped something out of his car and attempted to pick it up. To do so, he needed to open his door. While partially exiting the vehicle, it continued to roll forward unexpectedly. In a matter of seconds, the vehicle found itself lodged into the restaurant’s structure. 

At this point, the man found himself in a situation with a very poor outlook. Pinned between the door and the frame, the man’s condition turned critical in a matter of moments with no escape in sight. Workers immediately called in emergency personnel who arrived at the scene to find the man already gone. While they attempted to revive the driver, they were ultimately unsuccessful. The BC Coroner Service is teaming up with the VPD Collision Investigation team to launch an investigation of the incident. A member of the Vancouver Police Department, Constable Tania Visintin, talked to Fox News about the tragedy.

“Efforts were made by first responders to revive the man, but tragically, he died on scene. This is an absolutely heartbreaking scenario. Our deepest condolences go out to the family and friends of this man.”

The Vancouver Police Department also issued an official statement on the matter, which they then shared to Facebook. You can read it below:

Another McDonald’s Tragedy

The Vancouver incident follows another unlikely accident that left an elderly man dead at an Australian location earlier this year. The 89-year-old tripped on a curb just outside the Melrose Park McDonald’s. The fall itself might not have led to a grim outcome, but contact with a slow-moving Toyota sedan exiting the drive-thru surely didn’t help.

Emergency crews transported the man to a nearby hospital with head injuries, where he, unfortunately, succumbed to his critical condition. A spokesperson for the restaurant told Daily Mail: “We would like to offer our deepest condolences to the family and friends of the person involved in this accident.”