McDonald’s Employee Records How McRibs are Made, and We’re Going to Get Sick

by Megan Molseed
(Photo credit should read PAUL J. RICHARDS/AFP via Getty Images)

The McDonald’s McRib is kind of a cultural icon. People get excited when it makes a return to the wildly popular fast food chain. And one recent Twitter post shares the process it takes to make one of these popular sandwiches. A process that some wonder if this is truly the best way to make a rib sandwich. After all, many believe a true sandwich of this nature is made on the grill...drenched in some of the world’s best bbq sauce!

“This POV of how McDonald’s prepares its McRib will either make you incredibly hungry,” notes the Outsider Twitter page sharing the POV clip.

“[Or] never want to go there again.”

The video shows the process the workers go through to construct a McRib sandwich. First, the McDonald’s employee places a few of the frozen McRib patties onto the McDonald’s grill. Next, the fast-food worker pulls the cooked patties off of the grill, moving the heated meat to another section of the cooking area where it will later be drenched in sauce.

The McRib Process Includes So Much More Than Just The Meat!

As the video shares the process to prep the meat of the famous McRib sandwich, we see that there is so much more to the process as well. What even is a McRib sandwich without the delicious toasted bun that goes with it? And, that’s the next step in the process, it seems! Toasting the delicious bread!

Then the behind-the-scenes video shares with viewers how each piece of the toasted bun is placed in the McRib’s signature McDonald’s box. One side gets the condiments and extras such as lettuce and pickles. The other piece of the bun is where the McRib is placed for the perfect sandwich.

“Drive” Through Doesn’t Always Mean You Have To Be Driving Through For Some Food!

Recently, a hungry man and his horse became TikTok famous as they went through a McDonald’s drive-through ordering 100 chicken McNuggets. The man, known as The Blessed Equestrian, posted the wild video to his TikTok account earlier this year. And so far, the unique clip has garnered millions of views.

@theblessedequestrian After our hack we got hungry, so I went to get 100 chicken nuggets @mcdonaldsuk @mcdonalds #TheBlessedEquestrian #Mcdonals #viral #Chickennuggets #entertainment #funnyvideos #food #uk #horse #fyp #funny ♬ original sound – Blessed✝️

The Blessed Equestrian is dressed in full English-style riding attire. All as he nonchalantly makes his way through the McDonald’s drive-through line. You would think the worker would be confused by the unique mode in which the customer is moving through the drive-thru. However, this doesn’t get nearly as much of a response as the fact that one person is ordering 100 chicken McNuggets.

“We was hungry man,” the rider admits in the wild clip.