McDonald’s Free French Fries Hack Video Goes Viral

by Emily Morgan

Is there anything better than free fries? Recently, a TikTok user just dropped a bombshell video revealing the secret to landing yourself some free fries from McDonald’s.

The viral video has since sparked a debate about the fried potato protocol at the famous golden arches.

Last week, TikTok user Orlando Johnson posted the video and has since been viewed over 4.3 million times. In the clip, Johnson reveals to his followers how his friend could get a free batch of his french fries from the popular fast-food chain.

Surprisingly, there’s not much to landing more fries. In the video, his friend simply approaches the counter and requests a refill on his fries. Viewers can see Johnson’s friend walking back to his table with a fresh refill of french fries. Our minds are blown.


McDonald’s out here with exceptional service they icecream machine was down tho 😴 #fyp #mcdonalds #fypシ #xyzbca

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However, you can’t see him asking for a refill. After the user posted the video, a debate broke out in the comments section among users. Some users claimed it was simply McDonald’s policy to give refills on large fries. Others, however, had a different argument.

One user chimed in on the matter, writing, “As someone who works in fast food, just be nice, and we’ll probably do it if the manager isn’t there.”

Tik Tok Users Sound Off On McDonald’s Hacks

Several other users agreed with her statement. In another clip, Johnson also asked the employees at the counter for free refills on McNuggets. However, this time he wasn’t so lucky as the first time as the workers denied his request.

Johnson’s video is one of the thousands of TikTok clips that reveal McDonald’s secrets behind their menu. One user recently pulled the curtain back on McDonald’s menu and showed users you could get more bang for her buck if you order multiple items off the dollar menu.

“Y’all McDonald’s is scamming us,” TikTok user @imsimonecardoso announced in a video. “Ten-piece nuggets is $5.09 when you can get a six-piece nugget for two dollars. That means you can get 12 nuggets for $4! Make it make sense, McDonald’s!”

In addition, another TikTok user who goes by @brooklyn._.b32 also made our jaws drop when she took the bun off of both a burger and a chicken sandwich and put the chicken sandwich on top of the burger patty.

She noted that you could put ranch dressing and french fries on the sandwich to complete the meal before putting one of the top buns back on. 

As for other hacks, if you have a craving for a Big Mac without the beef, you can fix this, thanks to TikTok user @urbansmurfin. You start with two plain chicken sandwiches and some Big Mac sauce. Remove the bottom bun of one of the sandwiches and add a slice of cheese. Then, add the other bottom bun, followed by a chicken patty, another piece of cheese, the Big Mac sauce, and top it off with a bun.