McDonald’s New Chicken Sandwich with Fried Mozzarella Isn’t Coming to the U.S. and That’s Not Fair

by Evan Reier

When you think of fried chicken, fried cheese and McDonald’s, the United States of America is just a sensical next thought.

Fried chicken wasn’t invented in the U.S., but it’s hard to say we didn’t perfect it. What spawned after its initial popularization was countless fried chicken-focused restaurants and the never-budging trend of every eatery offering some form of fried chicken.

And then you throw down fried mozzarella, and you’re basically looking at an appetizer and entree combo for the ages. Granted, McDonald’s new sandwich doesn’t use mozzarella sticks, but a patty.

The fast food giant announced this week that they are releasing a downright devious new sandwich. A McChicken patty and a hunk of fried mozzarella come together to make every fried food eater’s dream come true.

Oh, except there’s one issue: it’s only coming to McDonald’s in Singapore. A detail more disappointing than comparing your actual fast food order to the advertised image.

Check out the cheeeese in our new Chick ‘N’ Cheese burger. 🥵 It’s stacked with ingredients from bun to bun that’ll take…

Posted by McDonald's on Wednesday, April 28, 2021

Now that I’m done wiping the tears from my eyes, I can wrap up what comes on the sandwich. The sandwich comes with an additional slice of cheese, because why the hell not, as well as lettuce, tomato, and a sweet chili sauce.

I would consider substituting the chili sauce for ranch, because I am American after all. But I’ll never get that choice, because McDonald’s doesn’t care about my happiness.

Other Insane Items from McDonald’s Singapore

On top of the “Chick ‘N’ Cheese Burger,” the Singapore branch of McDonald’s announced two more eye-catching options.

To start, there is the “Ha! Chicken Drumlets,” which are ostensibly chicken wings. There’s another thing stateside Mickie D’s doesn’t offer for an insult to injury. The wings come fried in a shrimp paste, which might be unorthodox for classic American tastes but sounds delicious.

Beyond the drumlets, the brand also announced the “Pizza McShaker Fries.” Essentially, they are classic McDonald’s fries seasoned with basil, oregano, tomato powder and vegetable powder. Nothing too flashy, but we don’t doubt that they’re probably tasty.

I, and anyone else who pays too close attention to food, will move on with our lives. But that being said, can McDonald’s block any items us Americans can’t have from social media? I get that you need to advertise, but when chatter comes across the Twitter feed about how epic the sandwich or any item looks, it’s like faking out a dog on a ball throw. All tease, no fun.