McDonald’s ‘Secret Menu’ Items Revealed by TikTok User

by Samantha Whidden

Fun fact: McDonald’s apparently has sheet cakes. A TikTok user exposed the fast-food company’s “secret menu” recently, which revealed that McDonald’s cakes are actually available for purchase.

The TikTok user, screen name “kayrocks93,” shared the clip of them eating a McDonald’s sheet cake. The voiceover asks, “Did you know McDonald’s sells $9 cakes?” 


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Hard to believe? Some of the video’s viewers also shared their thoughts. “That’s cap. I worked at McDonald’s. Nowhere on the menu nor on the cash register nor anywhere in the back did we have cakes,” one user comments. Another user writes, “I work there and I didn’t even know know that. Please don’t order this. Imma have a panic attack trynna find it.”

Others also noted that the McDonald’s cake may have been from the 1980s due to its design, which features old-school clown mascot Ronald McDonald.

Does McDonald’s Actually Have Cakes? stepped up and contacted McDonald’s to see if the rumors were true. A company’s spokesperson reported that restaurant owners and operators nationwide may actually order the sheet cakes, which are available in vanilla or chocolate, directly from their local distribution center for special occasions. 

The occasions may include employee or customer birthdays, graduation, or other special events that call for cake. The locations may also choose to make the cakes available for customer purchase, but the spokesperson did clarify that the cakes are “the exception not the rule.”

So, while they are available for purchase, not every location will have the cakes.  If you order a sheet cake, more than likely the McDonald’s location will not have it. But at least everyone now knows that the cakes are real.

McDonald’s Makes Headlines With Chicken Sandwiches 

Last month, the restaurant chain made headlines after its chicken sandwich sales reportedly blew up. McDonald’s released three new chicken sandwiches in February, thus competing with another fast-food company, Chick-Fil-A. 

 Kalinowski Equity Research’s quarterly survey reveals that McDonald’s franchisees are slinging an average of 262 chicken sandwiches a day. The research firm sees this volume would make up about 10% of a franchise’s annual sales. The research firm also received comments from anonymous franchisee respondents.

“The second and third quarters are going to be great for same-store sales,” the comment states. “Not too sure about the fourth quarter and 2022. Chicken intro advertising ends now, so we’ll see how the product sales hold up.”

Although this is good news for Mcdonald’s, data shows that Chick-Fil-A completely owns the online sales of chicken sandwiches. The company owns roughly 45% of the market, with competitors Wendy’s, McDonald’s, Burger King holding no more than 20%. The chicken sandwich battle among restaurant chains continues.