Mega Millions Prize Payouts Temporarily Paused After Host Calls Wrong Numbers During Drawing

by Jonathan Howard

You think you won the Mega Millions, huh? Well, don’t get your hopes up as the Mega Millions had the wrong numbers called. The host is going to be kicking himself for this one for a long time. The news is a bit shocking. One of those moments where you are just rolling, you got your flow on, and you get a little too confident. The number was called incorrectly, and now corrections are being made.

Mega Millions Announces Wrong Numbers

  • Mega Millions host John Crow said the wrong final number on the official announcement
  • Crow did great until the last number when he confused “09” for “06”
  • The multistate lottery is going to be delaying payments to make sure they have things sorted out
  • Some winners will have to wait for a while to get payments from this week

A pause in payments is a direct result of the incorrect announcement. With $86,000,000 up for grabs, there were a lot of people watching and hoping that they would be the lucky ones to win the big prize. However, due to John Crow and his announcement, things got confusing.

The ball that came out at the end was “9” but Crow called out “6”. He had announced all of the other numbers correctly except for the last one. 15-19-20-61-70-09*.

The video on YouTube comes with a caption that has a disclaimer about the results. Just so folks don’t get the wrong idea from watching the video.

“On May 10, 202, the host of the Mega Millions drawing incorrectly called the Mega Ball as a 6 instead of a 9. The 9 ball was drawn into the chamber and is the official result. The results of the drawing were audited by Preston CPA.”

So, with the confusion and the accident on Crow’s part, not much was lost. Some people that won smaller prizes will probably have a delay in their payments. However, no one won the big prize, wrong numbers or not. That means it rolls over and will bump up to $99 million.

Someone just got the big $473 million Powerball.

Powerball Winner Takes $473 Million Prize

The Powerball went without issue back on April 28th when a winner took home a huge prize worth almost half a billion dollars. That winning ticket was sold in Arizona. After all of this time, when the winning numbers were announced, it was 11-36-61-62-68 and the Powerball was 4.

That ticket will take in a cash payment of $283.3 million if the winner so chooses. What would you do, Outsiders? It is often debated what the best option is. Monthly payments or the lump sum? I think I’d take the lump sum, personally. Never know when your last day might come.