Meghan McCain is ‘Heartbroken’ Over Joe Biden’s Afghanistan Address, Says Veterans ‘Deserve Better’

by Amy Myers

Following President Joe Biden’s address regarding the state of Afghanistan, political figures and celebrities of all parties, positions and authorities have staked their claim in the matter. Among them is the late Senator John McCain’s daughter, Meghan McCain. Within the past hour, the former The View host took to Twitter to voice her opinion on the continued withdrawal of American troops as the Taliban has taken over the nation. According to the President’s address, Afghan military leaders have surrendered control and fled the country.

“Heartbroken. Just heartbroken,” McCain wrote. “Our veterans deserve better than bucking all responsibility and petty political blame shifting right now.”

It’s possible that McCain could be responding to President Biden’s address in which he stated, “I will not repeat the same mistakes we made in the past.”

Biden was referring to previous presidents that have sent troops to Afghanistan. He went on to say that “doubling down” on a foreign nation’s civil war is among “the mistakes we cannot continue to repeat.”

“The conflict is not the interest of the United States,” he said.

Meghan McCain disabled commenting on her tweet, though she followed up her recent update with another post.

“I feel sick,” McCain said on Twitter.

Meghan McCain Voices Opinion in the Midst of Departure from ‘The View’

Meghan McCain’s recent comments on Twitter are proof that even though she no longer sits with the rest of the hosts on The View, she will still continue to voice her thoughts on pertinent political matters. McCain left the popular daytime talk show earlier this month. Previously, in July, the television personality announced that she would raise her daughter closer to her family. McCain’s family resides in Washington, D.C. rather than where the show is filmed in New York.

During Meghan McCain’s time on The View, she has made many headlines for her controversial comments regarding hot button issues. One of the most recent on-air incidents included heer comments regarding the cancer diagnosis of comedienne, Kathy Griffin.

While filming, McCain initially offered her condolences for Griffin’s condition. Then, immediately after, she discussed Griffin’s previous comments against members of the LGBT community, including McCain’s good friend Clay Aiken. The View host received a lot of negative feedback on the matter. Many viewers believed that her comments regarding Griffin’s past comments were not appropriate at the time.

Another incident included McCain’s reaction to one of President Biden’s previous addresses regarding the wildfires across the western states. Biden found himself under fire for his reaction to a journalist, including from McCain, who believed that former President Donald Trump would receive a much larger reaction from the media on the matter if he gave the same type of response.