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Megyn Kelly’s Tweet About Jacob Blake Is Not Sitting Well With Twitter

by Hunter Miller
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Megyn Kelly is catching serious heat on social media after offering her take on the Jacob Blake shooting. The former Fox News host took to Twitter on Wednesday night to share her thoughts on the issue.

The mother of three tweeted out the headline of a Daily Mail article that reads: “Jacob Blake was armed with a KNIFE when cops shot him says Wisconsin AG.”

Earlier this week, police officers shot, Jacob Blake, a Black man, in the back. When the video of the shooting surfaced on social media, it spurred protests in the city where the incident took place: Kenosha, Wisconsin.

After Megyn Kelly posted the tweet, MSNBC journalist Kyle Griffin later slammed her for the message. Griffin points out a quote from the article which states “investigators later ‘recovered a knife from the driver’s side floorboard’ of his car.”

Griffin continued by writing: “Respectfully, this is an unfortunate misrepresentation. Some of your followers might see that headline and assume Jacob Blake had a knife on his person or was even threatening officers with it. The Blake family attorney disputes that a knife was in the car.”

In conclusion, Griffin calls out Kelly for putting emphasis on the word “knife.” He writes, “The caps do no favors.”

Furthermore, Megyn Kelly drew criticisms after sharing a quote from conservative political podcast host, Ben Shapiro. Kelly’s tweet reads: “From @benshapiro re Kenosha: ‘the narrative has been set: The shooting was unjustified, & racist at that. No evidence has been presented; none need be. And if the facts don’t match the accusations, the facts will be put aside.'”

After posting on Twitter, Kelly’s original tweet about the knife garnered more than 22k responses. Check out how other Twitter users reacted below:

Twitter Reacts to Megyn Kelly on the Jacob Blake Shooting

Similar to Griffin, many on social media slammed Kelly for the tweet. They not only accused her of misinterpreting the article but also of trying to “spin” the story in order to fit her own narrative.

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