Melania Trump’s April 2020 Twitter Video Receiving Backlash After Positive COVID-19 Test

by Josh Lanier
(Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images)

Supporters are sending their support and concern to First Lady Melania Trump following her and President Donald Trump’s COVID-19 diagnoses. Though it’s a video from months ago that is getting the most attention following the announcement.

The video, which she tweeted on April 28 and pinned to the top of her feed, features her giving practical advice on how to avoid contracting coronavirus. For example, she says to wash your hands for 20 seconds and avoid shaking hands and hugging. She also discusses how parents may talk to children about COVID-19.

“A reminder of some practical ways to keep our families safe and healthy,” she captioned the video.

Twitter not happy with Melania Trump’s tweet

At issue for many people, however, was Melania Trump’s inability to follow her own advice. For instance, she says to adhere to CDC guidelines concerning COVID-19, but she’s been spotted multiple times not doing that. At Tuesday’s debate, for example, she was only the Trump family member who wore a mask into the auditorium at Case Western Reserve University. But she removed it before taking her seat in the front row.

People were also upset because her husband Donald Trump has a history of downplaying the illness. More than 205,000 Americans have died of COVID-19 so far, Johns Hopkins University said.

It also being an election year is playing into the response.

There were a number of people, however, who showed up to support the first lady and offer their sympathies.