Melania Trump Reveals ‘America the Beautiful’ Theme White House Christmas Decorations

by Kayla Zadel

The big reveal of the White House Christmas decorations is something that’s waited for each year with bated breath. Melania Trump and her selection of Christmas decorations haven’t always gone over too well in years past. Furthermore, this could be her last year decorating the manse, so she wanted to make it a special one.

On the last day in November, the Melania Trump Instagram account’s releasing a peek of the White House Christmas decorations. This year’s theme is stated in the caption.

“America the Beautiful” #Christmas at the @WhiteHouse” it reads.

In the first photo, we see Melania walking down the stairs and an out-of-focus lighted-Christmas tree in the foreground. Garland hangs to her right on the banister.

The following photos in the carousel unveil additional details of Melania’s decoration selections. One of the halls is lined with Christmas trees dressed in red ornaments and ribbon. Another shows the First Lady next to a table filled with a simple strand of garland that outlines the track for a train. Furthermore, there’s an evergreen that dons a fireplace and filled with white accents.

A close-up image shows a tree that clearly displays the theme. The tree holds ornaments of painted ships and rope, and other red, white and blue elements. The last two photos show Melania fixing a wreath that has the name of her initiate, “Be Best” painted on bulbs. In addition, the last one is of the First Lady walking down a hall flanked with evergreen arrangements.

Moreover, this year’s decorations seemed to be well received so far. Followers are commenting that they “love” the theme and the red, white, and blue elements.

Melania Trump Prepares for Christmas

The First Lady’s been preparing for Christmas for some time now. Last week, she received the White House Christmas tree. The massive Frasier Fir arrived via horse-drawn carriage.

Posts on Melania’s social media have also been shared leading up to the big reveal. Once again, volunteers from all across America went to decorate the White House for the holiday season. 

Furthermore, this video gives a wonderful glimpse of the details. As can be seen in the video, various elements that are synonymous with America are displayed throughout the White House.