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Melania Trump Shades Recent ‘Malicious Gossip’ On Twitter

by Caroline Bynum
(Photo by Drew Angerer/Getty Images)

Rumors have flown about #MelaniaTapes and “Project Block Ivanka” in recent weeks, following a book release by the first lady’s ex-best friend. Melania and the White House have been relatively quiet about the claims made by Stephanie Winston Wilkoff. Thursday, though, Melania Trump sent a bit of shade towards her former friend, requesting that the media steer conversations away from “delusional & malicious gossip.”

The tweet came in advance of Melania’s round table for Recovery Month, where she spoke on the way the importance of recovery tools as well as valued interpersonal connections.

Social media users replied avid support for the first lady, thankful for her ability to tune out the hate. Others, however, sent replies of frustration, illustrating hypocrisy and bringing up past mishaps.