Mercedes Opens Alabama Plant, Adding Hundreds of Jobs Near Tuscaloosa

by Victoria Santiago

Mercedes-Benz has opened a new electric vehicle battery plant near Tuscaloosa, Alabama. The plant will create hundreds of new jobs. Soon, the German automaker will start making two all-electric SUVs at another nearby assembly plant. This new plant will make batteries for these two new EVs.

The opening ceremony for this new battery plant has already been held. Of course, AL Governor Kay Ivey was there, along with other state officials.

At a Glance

  • Mercedes’ new EV battery plant near Tuscaloosa will create up to 600 new jobs.
  • The automaker has spent about $1 billion updating two plants in the area.
  • The other Mercedes plant in Alabama already employs 4,500 people.

Mercedes Battery Plant In Alabama Will Be 1 of 6

The Mercedes battery plant in Alabama will make cells for the EQS and the EQE SUVs, which are the two EVs the automaker is about to start making. The automaker said that these two SUVs will be built for sale in the US and for exports, according to a company statement.

Mercedes has spent $1 billion updating the two plants. Both plants had to be upgraded so they could efficiently make EV car parts. For example, the AL battery plant will make lithium-ion batteries that use advanced chemistry. The batteries will contain nickel, cobalt, and manganese, according to Mercedes.

The upgrades to the already-operating plant have ensured that a variety of cars can be made. Now, the plant can build internal combustion engine cars on the same line as electric vehicles.

The new plant is only one of six battery plants that Mercedes plans to open. There will also be two new battery factories in Germany. There will also be one factory each in China, Thailand, and Poland.

Mercedes plans to expand their EV-building plants, too. According to ABC News, the automaker will eventually use seven plants on three continents to build their electric vehicles.

General Motors To Start Producing New EV Next Week

Many automakers have been putting production on hold due to supply shortages. However, for other automakers, the push to go electric is too great for them to stop.

General Motors is also strongly dedicated to its new line of EV cars. In fact, the automaker wants to go completely electric by 2030. There have been several challenges, but GM has pushed through. “We worked our way through it,” the automaker said.

Now, they’re gearing up to start production on Cadillac’s first-ever electric SUV, called the Lyriq. GM nor Cadillac have revealed what the reservation numbers are for this EV SUV. However, the brand says that interest is high and the car is in demand. If everything goes smoothly, the Cadillac Lyriq will be on dealership lots by summertime.