Michelle Obama Worries US Will ‘Spiral Out of Control’ in ‘Closing Argument’ for Joe Biden

by Josh Lanier
(Photo by Martin Sylvest / Ritzau Scanpix / AFP) / Denmark OUT (Photo by MARTIN SYLVEST/Ritzau Scanpix/AFP via Getty Images)

Michelle Obama said Americans must stand up and reclaim the country from the “chaos, violence, and confusion” that has taken hold of the nation under President Donald Trump. The former first lady issued a plea to voters to choose Joe Biden on Monday in a Twitter video.

“15 days. That’s all we’ve got. If you or someone you know is still deciding how or if you’re going to vote, I hope you’ll take a minute to watch and share my message. We’ve got to get everyone we know to vote for @JoeBiden in numbers that can’t be denied. http://iwillvote.com,” she tweeted.

Obama explains the country has reached a critical juncture and America’s future depends on what we decide. Election day is a little more than two weeks away, though many have already made their choice with absentee ballots.

“Think about what the next four years could mean for our country’s future,” she said. “The message we will send our children about who we are and what we truly value.”

Obama asked people to reflect on how they’ve felt over the past four years under Trump. She asked voters to “search your heart and your conscience” to choose a candidate. She concluses by saying to vote for Biden “like your life depended on it.”

“Think about what would possibly compel you to accept this level of chaos, violence, and confusion under this president and be willing to watch our country continue to spiral out of control,” she said. “We can no longer pretend we don’t know exactly who and what this president stands for.”

Michelle Obama slams Trump On Coronavirus Response

In her full 24-minute “closing argument” for Biden, Obama slams the President for his handling of the coronavirus pandemic.

“Seven months later, he still doesn’t have a plan for this virus. Seven months later, he still won’t wear a mask consistently and encourage others to do the same, even when those simple actions could save countless lives,” she said. “Instead, he continues to gaslight the American people by acting like this pandemic is not a real threat.”

According to Johns Hopkins University, the coronavirus has killed more than 220,000 Americans since the virus reached the U.S. earlier this year. More than 8 million have contracted the virus, including the president, first lady Melania Trump, their son, and a number of top aides and Republicans.

She puts the blame on Trump and his “failure to take this pandemic seriously.”

Michelle Obama said that “our country is in chaos because of a president who isn’t up to the job.” She concludes that we can change that on Nov. 3. by electing Biden. She says he’s “a good man who understands the struggles of everyday folks.”

“We have the chance to elect a president who can meet this moment,” she said. “A leader who has the character and the experience to put an end to this chaos, start solving these problems and help lighten the load for families all across the country. And that leader is Joe Biden.”