Michelob Ultra Will Give You Free Beer for Exercising: How to Get Yours

by Will Shepard

As the weekend approaches, so do the thoughts of cracking open a cold beverage and enjoying yourself. Well, now your exercise regime can earn you a cold beverage. Michelob Ultra is going to reward its customers who stay on top of their fitness.

Workouts are not always fun in the moment, but they are almost always rewarding. The beer company, owned by Anheuser-Busch, understands the payoffs of working hard. On Wednesday, May 12, the company announced a unique giveaway.

According to a news release from Michelob Ultra, they said that in “exchange their miles, push-ups, downwards dogs or any exercise activity for the unmatched experience of grabbing a cold one with friends, post-workout.” Participants will receive a $5 prepaid digital card with which they can purchase the company’s beer. Of course, this promotion is only for people who are 21 years of age or older.

“A relentless champion of living an active, balanced lifestyle, ” the company said. “Michelob ULTRA believes workouts are better with others and that it’s only worth it if you enjoy it.”

How to Earn Your $5 Prepaid Digital Card From Michelob Ultra

Joining in on the program is simple. All you need to do is download and register on the MyCooler app. From there, you can upload a “proof of workout.” This means that in order to qualify you have to include one of three things: a post-workout selfie, a post-workout photo of your fitness watch, or a photo of your fitness app on your phone after your workout.

Once this is done, Michelob Ultra will email each participant the $5 prepaid digital card they’ve earned. Unfortunately, this promotion is not available to people who live in Alabama, California, or Texas.

“Workouts that end with a ‘cheers’ are the best kind!” Ricardo Marques, the beer company’s vice president of marketing said in a statement about the promotional event. “As the world begins to safely reopen, Michelob Ultra’s Beer Run looks forward to people being active together and rewarding them for doing so with a refreshing beer after a run or workout.”

This brand new giveaway is called the “Ultra Beer Run.” According to the news release from Michelob Ultra, the company will be making good on their free beer promise on Saturday, May 15, for people in New York and Chicago.

The “Ultra Beer Run” giveaway will last all summer long. The contest is part of the company’s social media advertising campaign. Nonetheless, people all over the country will be gearing up for exercise to earn their free beer.