Michelob Ultra Looking for ‘Chief Exploration Officer’ To Explore National Parks and Drink Beer

by Matthew Wilson
Michelob Ultra Looking for 'Exploration Officer' To Explore National Parks

For those who thought about traveling the country, Michelob ULTRA Pure Gold may be the answer. The company wants all would-be travelers to apply for its CEO or Chief Exploration Officer position.

One lucky candidate will be paid $50,000 to explore the country’s national parks. Big Bend, Yosemite and Joshua Tree are among the destinations highlighted in the promotion. The company will supply the Pure Gold CEO with a “state-of-the art” van to travel the country in. It will also give the CEO gas money along with “plenty of beer for their days off.”

The CEO can bring one friend or family member along for the ride.

During the trip, the CEO for Michelob ULTRA will create content for the company.

The travel position will last for six months on the open road. The company will pay the CEO to explore “iconic U.S. national parks and other beautiful sites across the country in partnership with the National Parks Foundation.”

In exchange for the trip as well as the perks, the company expects the CEO to create content for its marketing. The company will share the content and the CEO’s journey on Michelob ULTRA’s social media feeds. According to the company, it wants the CEO to “pursue a nomadic lifestyle where he or she spends their days connecting with nature and snapping content for us to live vicariously through along the way.”

For those interested in applying, applications close on September 30. All applicants must be at least 21 years old. The company is looking for someone who loves both nature and photography. On the application, the company asks for the applicant’s Instagram and Twitter handles as well as a Youtube channel.

All applicants must also submit a personal story with photo showcasing their nature photography skills with the hashtag #PureGoldCEO. So far on Twitter, potential candidates are excited about the opening.

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