Michigan Man’s Body Washes Up on Beach With Winning Lottery Ticket Still in His Pocket

by Shelby Scott

Authorities recently found a deceased Michigan man washed up on a beach in Huron County on Friday morning. Suspiciously, authorities found a winning lottery ticket on the body, however, autopsy reports confirm zero sign of foul play.

According to Fox News, the 57-year-old man, identified as Gregory Jarvis, won $45,000 last month playing “The Jack” at the Blue Water Inn in Caseville, MI earlier this month. The outlet further stated Jarvis returned to the establishment a few days later and appeared in good spirits.

While, unfortunately, he was unable to cash in the lottery ticket due to issues with his social security card, he nevertheless bought rounds of drinks for Blue Water Inn patrons. Jarvis was not seen alive again following his return to the inn.

As stated before, authorities found no proof of foul play. However, their initial location of the lottery ticket within the man’s wallet prompted Caseville law enforcement to take a closer look into the fatality. Following the autopsy, however, the theory authorities provided claims Jarvis had been tying up his boat when he lost his footing. He proceeded to then hit his head and fell into the water.

Concluding the autopsy, officials distinguished that Jarvis had in fact drowned. Following his death, the MI man’s relatives will be able to collect the winnings from the lottery ticket.

Canadian Man Wins Lottery Twice, Doubling Last Year’s Winnings

While sadly, MI resident Gregory Jarvis saw bad luck in his lottery winnings twice over, first unable to cash it in and then losing his life before collecting any winnings, other people are much luckier.

Across the northern United States border, 77-year-old Robert MacDonald from Hamilton, Ontario has now won the lottery twice. In October of 2020, MacDonald won an impressive grand total of $50,000 Canadian, the equivalent of $39,000 USD. Now, the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation announced the elderly man’s most recent lottery winnings after playing ENCORE. This time, MacDonald collected a doubly impressive $100,000 Canadian.

Simply put, in less than one year, the lucky individual has not only won the lottery, an achievement many individuals will never see, he has won it twice and doubled his profit. I wonder if he has any philanthropic interest surrounding student loan debt? Asking for a friend.

Anyway, despite the extraordinary chance opportunity, MacDonald doesn’t withhold much as far as secrets go. His only secret to winning is simply, “If you stay positive, your time will come as well!” While I’m sure the sentiment is well-intentioned, I’m sure there’s more to winning the lottery than simply a positive attitude.

Nevertheless, we send our congratulations northbound to the Ontario resident and wish the same luck incredible luck to Outsiders everywhere. Happy picking!