Mickey Rourke Wants to Fight ‘Tough Guy’ Elon Musk in Bare-Knuckle Brawl

by Hunter Miller

Mickey Rourke wants Tesla Motors founder Elon Musk to “pick on somebody his own size.” The “Sin City” actor took to social media earlier this week to challenge Musk to a fight.

The 67-year-old actor posted a photo of himself, Johnny Depp, and Elon Musk in which he called out Musk. “I just read that ELON MUSK has challenged Johnny Depp to a fight,” Rourke writes. “I have the better idea if Elon Musk is in fighting mood he can fight someone his own size, i’d gladly love the opportunity to take you to school mr.tough guy Elon Musk.”


Mickey Rourke then lays out the terms of the match. “Bare fists, elbows and knees and i will only use one hand-my left. We can both put down $200k a piece, winner take all, no rules. So instead of picking on someone who weighs 130 lbs i am calling your ass out. Warmest regards, Mickey ‘Marielito’ Rourke,” he writes.

After posting the message on social media, a number of Rourke’s fans and followers took to the comments section to weigh in on the challenge. “Elon Musk never shuts up,” one user writes. “So shut him up please.” Another user chimed in writing, “My money is on Rourke.”

Rourke’s comments came after Musk joked about fighting actor Johnny Depp in a New York Times piece. Currently, Depp and Heard are in the midst of a major legal battle playing out in court in London. In a series of text messages, Depp accused Heard of having an affair with Musk.

In one of the text messages read in court, Depp threatened to slice off a part of Musk’s anatomy. When asked about the text, Musk replied, “If Johnny wants a cage fight, just let me know.”

Clearly taking Depp’s side, Mickey Rourke then responded by issuing the challenge to Musk. Depp and Rourke both share a high regard for one another. During an interview with The Gate in the 2000s, Rourke spoke about his relationship with Depp.

“Yeah, Johnny, he is my brother… a great f**king guy and a guy who knows how to play this f**king Hollywood game…he does great work, he is a great actor, he does the Hollywood thing to support his movies and then he goes off and lives his life with his family,” Rourke said. “He knows how to do it… I wish I had his savvy when I was coming up man.”