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Midwest Gets Another Round of Major Storms After Deadly Tornadoes

by Shelby Scott
(Photo by Brandon Bell/Getty Images)

It’s hasn’t even been a week since the Midwest saw massive storms and deadly tornadoes. Nevertheless, already the stricken region of the country received another round of major storms. Affected regions include the Great Plains and the upper Midwest, with damage striking Kansas, Nebraska, Iowa, Minnesota, and Colorado.

For now, weather experts have not confirmed any reported tornadoes. Although damage similar to that seen Friday made headlines across various regions within the Great Plains and the Midwest. Additionally, there has been no immediate word regarding injuries or death.

Fox News did state that if two suspected MN tornadoes receive confirmation, they’ll earn the title for the first December tornadoes ever recorded in the state. Therefore, the fact proves that mass twisters this time of year, especially in this region of the country, are abnormal. And scientists continue to provide proof of just that.

According to the outlet, at least 13 tornadoes were reported across NE and IA. One National Weather Service meteorologist stated the severity and timing of the natural disasters are incredibly unusual.

NB weather tracker Brian Barjenbruch said, “To have this number of damaging winds at one time would be unusual any time of the year. But to have this happen in December is really abnormal.”

While tornadoes affected multiple states across the central region of the country, KS suffered not only 98-mile-per-hour winds on Wednesday. The state also experienced earthquakes between Tuesday and Wednesday. The resulting damage caused more than 100,000 KS utility customers to lose power the same night. The Topeka Capital-Journal reported restoration of power will likely take several days.

Midwest Experiences Variety of Damage Among Storms

Alongside KS, IA, MN, NB, and CO all saw damage of some kind result from the Wednesday storms and tornadoes. At Des Moines, IA Airport, wind gusts reached an impressive 74 miles per hour. With that, Fox states they mark the strongest recorded since 1970 not associated with a thunderstorm. Some buildings across the state were flattened while wind from the gusts carried smoke from KS wildfires into IA.

Meanwhile, MN storm reports claimed Wednesday’s intense winds could bring major drops in temperature overnight into Thursday. The results would see potential icy conditions for travelers the next day. Fox reports the MN Department of Transportation was to employ road assessment crews out overnight.

NB saw winds strong enough that resulted in mass power outages. However, one Saunders County resident, Rebecca Goodwin, reported a suspected tornado lifted her garage clean off its foundation and sent it flying over her house.

Finally, CO saw further damage via strong wind speeds. Fox states gusts reaching as high as 100 miles per hour toppled multiple semis, forced road closures, and disrupted hundreds of flights within the state. Video footage even captures the moment a CO wind gust completely bending a flagpole, bouncing it around as if it was made of rubber rather than aluminum. Another image even captures a massive dust cloud as it rolls over Niwot, CO.

Overall, weather patterns and damage marked a unique phenomenon across many states and, following Friday’s deadly conditions, Outsider can only hope this marks the end of this unusual weather for our Midwestern brothers and sisters.