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Mike Pence on Joe Biden: He Will ‘Never Be President of the United States’

by Jon D. B.
(Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images)

Mike Pence is speaking out with a bold statement on former vice president Joe Biden, saying he will “never be President of the United States” in am Iowa speech following the presidential debate.

“When you look at their agenda, one thing is clear. Biden will be nothing more than a Trojan Horse for the ‘radical left.” The current vice president has strong words for Joe Biden this morning. In a speech posted by The Hill, Pence makes his feelings on the upcoming election – and Biden – very clear.

“I can honestly tell you – I don’t think – when the dust settles in this election, it’s going to be whether we become more Republican or Democrat. More conservative or more blue. I think the choice in this election is whether America remains America.” Pence pauses for applause afterward, which he is slowly granted with a smile.

The vice president seems calm and collected in his speech. This is, without a doubt, a far cry from the loud, tumultuous presidential debate just a few nights prior. The debate got so out of hand, in fact, that debate commissioners are wanting to include the option to mute candidate microphones when they are speaking out of turn.

Pence doesn’t think this upcoming election is about “democracy”. Rather, he goes on to state he feels the election is more about values. For Pence, it’s “Whether we’re going to continue to chart a course based on freedom – and on our most cherished ideals and values. Or [if we’re going to] let Joe Biden and the radical left take us on a completely different path.”

Watch the speech: “Joe Biden will never be President of the United States”

“That’s why we must decide, people of Iowa, right here and right now… that Joe Biden will never be President of the United States of America,” Vice President Pence says.

Whether you agree with Vice President Pence or not, one thing is clear: the animosity goes both ways. After the debate, Biden has become infamous for telling President Trump “will you shut up, man?” The quote has gained so much traction, in fact, that t-shirts are being made – and selling like wildfire.

Come November, Americans will be participating in another incredibly polarizing presidential election. Within – Pence, like Trump, will be battling it out to keep his office. And if the debate was anything to go by – we’re in for a boisterous voting season.

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