Mike Pence’s ‘Welcome Home’ Message to Donald Trump Has Twitter Sounding Off

by Jennifer Shea

Mike Pence wished President Trump “welcome home” on Twitter. And the message has provoked tweeps to weigh in.

“Welcome Home Mr. President!” the vice president tweeted. He was responding to Trump’s video of his homecoming.

Twitter users jumped in to second the message. Or to excoriate Pence and the president, depending on their political leanings. 

One user pointed out that “210,000 Americans never got to hear Welcome Home.” Another tweeted an image of a state representative giving Pence the middle finger.

On the opposite side of the aisle, conservative tweeps offered thanks to Pence for his service. Some tweeted prayers for the president. But the negative replies outnumbered the positive ones.

“Were @VP a real leader, he’d have insisted Trump sign over power until Trump was off the mid-altering drugs he’s been taking,” Twitter user @Political_Jerk tweeted.

On Tuesday, much of the Twitter buzz around Pence dealt with the upcoming vice presidential debate.

“Who’s looking forward to seeing Kamala Harris chew up and spit out Mike Pence tomorrow night?” tweeted Twitter user Diana.

Conversely, thers ripped Harris for demanding a plexiglass barrier at the debate.

“I bet Pence is shocked that he gets clear to the final moment and then Harris insists on using protection,” radio host Jesse Kelly tweeted.


The vice presidential debate will offer Pence a chance to reverse the effects of the Trump-Biden debate. After the latter, Trump trailed Biden by 16 points in some polls.

At the vice presidential debate, the candidates will be separated by 12 feet, USA Today reported. Coupled with the distance rule, the debate will also have a plexiglass barrier.

Fewer than 200 people can join the audience. Additionally, they will all be required to wear face masks.