Mike Rowe Helps Out Small Business Owner After Random Meeting at Airport

by Amy Myers

For years, Mike Rowe has encouraged fans to take the road less traveled and find life’s calling through the many trade jobs available. So, when he finds someone that followed this path, he’s more than happy to hear their stories and help however he can.

This is exactly what happened when Rowe ran into a fan while waiting for his flight at the Surf Shack in Sarasota, Florida. A man named Mike Chambers, owner of Chambers Painting, recognized the Dirty Jobs host and wanted to share his own success story.

After the interaction, Mike Rowe posted a photo of the two together on social media, as well as their conversation.

“I went straight to work outta high school. Started a painting company. I’ve got 80 employees now and more work than I can handle,” Chambers explained, according to Rowe’s post.

Soon enough, the Sarasota native had to move his operation out of state to find more employees. Now, Chamber Painting works in Kentucky and Indiana, providing interior and exterior painting services for commercial buildings like hospitals, airports and “whatever needs a coat.”

Read the full conversation in Rowe’s Instagram post.

Mike Rowe Passes on the Job Opportunity to Fans

Even with the company’s expansion into two different states, the Dirty Jobs fan admitted that the labor market was “still tight.”

That’s when the lightbulb went off above Mike Rowe’s head.

“Tell me something; how many people could you hire right now if they showed up ready to work?” he asked the owner of Chamber Painting, who told him he was in need of 25 to 30 employees.

Rowe then asked what the pay would be for applicants fresh out of high school that have “No experience, but ready to learn the trade.”

“We start people at $22 an hour,” the Dirty Jobs fan revealed. “If they work, they’ll make $32 an hour pretty quick. I also pay all the health care and life insurance.”

A stable, entry-level job with good pay and benefits? Now, that’s a pretty sweet deal. And Mike Rowe thought so, too. In order to help the small business owner, the Dirty Jobs host agreed to encourage his fans “in southern Indiana and the Louisville area who want to learn the painting trade” to contact Chambers’ company.

Besides, Rowe joked, “They’re probably tired of me hawking my Christmas song and my new line of delicious whiskey. This’ll be a nice change of pace.”

“Tell ‘em to google Chambers Painting. We’re in Sellersburg, Indiana,” Chambers shared. “And we’re hiring right now.”

Once the business talk was done, Chambers inquired about Rowe’s whiskey.

Mike Rowe’s response?

“Pull up a chair…”