Mike Rowe Reveals How Many ‘Dirty Jobs’ Are Out There in the Workforce

by Amy Myers

Dirty Jobs is finally coming back to TV and at the center of it all is, of course, Mike Rowe. The host is just as excited as his fans to be back doing what he loves most – putting the spotlight on the nation’s hardest working men and women. But just how many dirty jobs are there today?

“All of them,” Rowe told Fox News reporter and his former producer, Marla Tellez. “They’re all out there. I thought we were done, right? We did 300 and finished in 2012, and then there’s this crazy lockdown. And essential work is headline news.”

That’s when people began writing to the show’s team to demonstrate the new jobs and conditions that have developed as a result of the pandemic. Soon enough, the Dirty Jobs host got a call asking him to put the team back together again, and of course, Rowe agreed.

See the full interview with Fox News here.

What We Can Expect From the ‘Dirty Jobs’ Reboot

Despite the changes in the workforce, Rowe assured that the nature of the show truly has not changed from its previous nine seasons. He’ll still be visiting some of the grimiest, filthiest worksites and joining the hardworking, blue-collar employees as they demonstrate the requirements of their jobs.

“The truth is, the show hasn’t really changed, you know,” the Dirty Jobs host explained. “It’s a transparent look at an honest day’s work through the eyes of an apprentice.”

But he did admit there was one difference that fans can expect about the show. “The host is older than he’s ever been and in more pain, than he’s ever been in,” Rowe joked.

Despite the few new injuries, though, it seems that Rowe will continue bringing light to the essential jobs of our world in the manner that he always has. He may just be a bit slower around the worksite, though.

Mike Rowe Sits Down with Small Business Owner

Not surprisingly, Rowe doesn’t just advocate for Dirty Jobs when the cameras are rolling. Recently, a fan caught sight of the host while he was waiting for his flight at a local sandwich shop. The admirer turned out to be Mike Chambers, owner of Chambers Painting.

When Chambers recognized Rowe, he asked for a moment of his time to tell him the story of how he became the owner of a commercial painting company that had expanded across two states. After hearing that the Dirty Jobs fan was in need of some eager employees, Rowe did what he does best – support trade workers.

So, the Dirty Jobs host took to Instagram to ask his fans from Kentucky and Indiana who were in search of a stable job with great benefits to check out Chambers’ company.

And we wouldn’t be surprised if Chambers now has a stack full of applications to read.