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Military Training Aircraft Reportedly Crashes in Forth Worth Damaging Two Homes

by Lauren Boisvert
(Photo by Nicolas Economou/NurPhoto via Getty Images)

A military training aircraft allegedly damaged 2 homes and injured 2 people when it crashed in Texas today. In Lake Worth, Texas, the military plane crashed into a neighborhood this afternoon, Sunday Sept. 19. Officials say 2 people ejected from the aircraft in a residential block of Tejas Trail.

According to WFAA, MedStar officials claim both people were injured, one of them seriously, the other critically. EMTs rushed them to local hospitals. According to officials, the military plane crashed in the backyard area of a house; no other injuries reported.

Because of the crash, about 1,300 homes lost power according to Oncor officials. Lake Worth police estimate that 2 homes were damaged, but it could be up to 6. The investigation into the crash is still ongoing.

Facebook user Chasity Benne posted a video of smoke billowing from the crash site and what look to be tall flames over the trees.

Disaster Strikes Military Planes

On Sept.15, a similar disaster happened to a military plane in Missouri; a B2 stealth bomber suffered an in-air malfunction and crash landed at Whiteman Airbase in Missouri.

Apparently, the B2 malfunctioned during a training exercise. No injuries, and no one reported fires. The incident occurred around 12:30 pm, and resulted in a flight restriction by the Federal Aviation Administration that lasted for two days. The FAA finally lifted the restriction at 8 pm on Sept. 17.

The B2 is one of the deadliest planes in the United States military. There were only 21 made, so to crash one is like dropping one of the Romanov’s Faberge eggs; inescapable, and expensive.

But of course, the Faberge eggs won’t kill you if you break one open; engineers made the B2 with materials that could become toxic if involved in an accident, which is why the FAA issued the flight restriction around the area.

The ‘Thunder Landing Zone’

In August, there was a first for the military: four jets landing and taking off from Michigan’s State Highway M-32. As part of an unconventional training exercise, the Michigan Air National Guard coordinated with residents and officials to cordon off a portion of the highway for the planes for the day.

They deemed the area “Thunder Landing Zone,” and National Guard pilots flying four A-10 Thunderbird IIs took off and landed brilliantly on the highway. The exercise meant to give the pilots practice in operating in unfamiliar environments; the A-10 Thunderbird’s short take off and landing abilities makes it the perfect choice for the exercise.

The display thrilled residents; being able to experience a military training exercise is a once in a lifetime chance. Usually you have to be in the military experience a military training exercise. But, the locals were supportive and ever-patriotic as officials closed their highway and let jets land on it. Talk about dedication.