Miller High Life Creates ‘Dive Bar’ Ice Cream Flavor, and the Internet Is Completely Divided Over It

by Clayton Edwards

It is rare to see a bar advertise itself as a dive. However, there’s no mistaking them once you walk in. From the sticky floors to the smell of years-old smoke and beer hanging in the air, there’s nothing quite like a dive bar. They aren’t the height of sophistication and might not be the best place to take a date, but sometimes it’s hard to beat a good dive bar. That’s part of the reason why Miller High Life is teaming up with Tipsy Scoop for a new dive bar-inspired ice cream bar.

Tipsy Scoop is a New York-based ice creamery that specializes in booze-infused ice cream flavors. According to the Tipsy Scoop website, they teamed with Miller High Life to celebrate dive bars as well as the 100-year anniversary of the ice cream bar.

“To celebrate dive bars and the 100th anniversary of the ice cream bar we partnered with Miller High Life to create the Ice Cream Dive Bar,” the site says. These frozen treats will take “all of the best parts of the dive bar” and put them right in your freezer.

A Closer Look at the Miller High Life Ice Cream Dive Bar

The Ice Cream Dive Bar starts with Miller High Life-infused ice cream. They pack about 5% ABV. Then, there is a peanut swirl to bring in the snack that’s readily available in all good dive bars. Gooey caramel represents the sticky barroom floor. Additionally, they’ve added “A hint of tobacco smoke flavor reminiscent of the unforgettable dive bar scent.”

They’ve also added “a fun sprinkle” of carbonated candy to recreate the bubbles in Miller High Life. Tipsy Scoop is wrapping the whole thing up in a dark chocolate shell. That shell is meant to “evoke the dark wood and dim lighting” in dive bars across the country.

It sounds like the new Miller High Life ice cream bar really ticks all of the dive bar boxes. Not everyone sees that as a positive.

The Internet Reacts to Dive Bar Ice Cream

Several commenters sounded off about the Tipsy Scoop Miller High Life collaboration. The Instagram post above got people stirred up. The comments section was full of vomiting emojis and people asking why they’d do this. However, the boozy treat has others ready to open their wallets.

Over on Twitter, the divide is a little deeper and snarkier. One Miller High Life drinker replied to the brand’s tweet desperately hoping to get their hands on a box of Dive Bars. “Who do I have to bribe to get my hands on a box of these bars?… Not above begging,” they wrote.

Another user shared news of the new Miller High Life ice cream bars with a side of snark. “Do you enjoy the rich, authentic taste of spilled sour beer, well gin that could strip the paint off a car, and 50 years of cigarette smoke?”

If you want to get your hands on some of these Miller High Life Dive Bars, you can order them through Tipsy Scoop. A six-pack of bars will cost $36. So, it looks like they’ve captured everything about the dive bar but the price of Miller.