Miller High Life Wants to Pay $20,000 to a Fan to Be an ‘Ambassador’

by Evan Reier

The “Champagne of Beers” needs someone to carry the torch. If you have a love for Miller High Life, you may just be the person.

If you like beer, there’s a chance you have a favorite affordable option. Whether it’s Bud Light, Rolling Rock, the aforementioned Miller High Life or something else, cracking open a cold one that doesn’t crack open the wallet too deep is basically American tradition.

The folks over in Milwaukee know this as well as anyone. Miller is looking for an ambassador who loves the High Life as much as they do. Someone who isn’t just willing to spread the word, but who is also willing to explore Milwaukee and the surrounding region. While a trip to Wisconsin sounds great, the brand is also throwing in $20,000 as payment.

Miller High Life is currently knocking on the door of the Milwaukee City Council to create an official “champagne of beers region.” Per their website:

“We’re petitioning the Milwaukee Common Council to establish an official Champagne of Beers region,” the site reads. “And declare that only beers invented within its strict borders – around the Miller Brewery – will be considered The Champagne of Beers.”

And if a trip and $20,000 isn’t enough for you, you get a year’s supply of Miller High Life. Cheers to that.

How to Become a Miller High Life Ambassador

If that all sounds as enticing to you as it does to me, here’s what you need to know.

For starters, you need to be 21, but that should go without saying. Luckily, from there, it’s fairly simple. All you need to do from there is enter your name, address, phone number. Sadly for our friends reading outside of the United States border, only American citizens are eligible to win.

Just like picking up a case of Miller High Life at the gas station, pretty much anyone over 21 can become a brand ambassador.

It is worth mentioning that the contest is not lasting for long. It opened up on May 6, and is closing on May 21. This is, primarily, because the whole angle of the ambassador is to promote the petition and move to declare a “Champagne of Beers” region.

So don’t dilly-dally. Miller High Life isn’t wasting much time, so you can’t either.