Miller Lite Drops New Christmas Tree Keg Stand That Keeps Both Beer Lovers and Trees Happy for the Holidays

by Shelby Scott
(Photo by Craig Barritt/Getty Images for MAC Presents)

We’re celebrating Miller Time in a brand new way this holiday season. The beloved American company surprised beer fans with the release of Miller Lite’s all-new Christmas tree stand. The new limited-edition product comes just a year after releasing its monumentally popular “beernaments,” and serves two purposes: it can hold your Christmas tree and it can hold your beer.

According to CNN, Miller Lite’s Christmas tree keg stand fits a quarter barrel keg. It also simultaneously provides your tree with a brand-new, stylishly boozed look.

Miller Lite’s associate marketing manager, Sarah Showak, said the design “makes it seem as if beer is being poured from the tree.”

Fortunately for beer lovers, Miller Lite’s newest limited edition holiday item is relatively affordable. The news outlet reports that the brand-new product goes live for sale beginning on November 10th, and costs just $49.99.

The company’s efforts to incorporate such exciting, new holiday giftware comes as liquor takes center stage during the holidays. Of the significance of the Christmas tree stand, she continued, “Miller Lite stands for great taste and celebrating with people. The Keg Stand brings beer front and center to some of the year’s most special moments.”

The Miller Lite tree stand is also pretty hardy. It’s reportedly capable of holding a 150-pound, or five-foot tall, evergreen tree decked in lights and ornaments.

Miller Lite Christmas Tree Stand Playing Off Success of 2021’s ‘Beernaments’

A year before Miller Lite released its tree stand, it announced the release of a unique six-pack. The six-pack takes on the shape of a classically round Christmas tree ornament. It was then the beer brand introduced us to what they’ve affectionately named the “beernament.”

Showak said, while discussing Miller Lite’s latest holiday addition, that it was actually “playing off the success of Beernaments, making beer part of the holiday.”

The beernaments proved to be a major success when they were released last year. That success then prompted company heads to launch the limited edition, ornament-shaped cans for the second year in a row. However, this year, the beernaments are a little different, capable of holding a standard 12-ounce can of beer. Reflecting on last year’s new, hot Christmas item, Showak added, “Beernaments really resonated with people because they’re fun and simple. Decorating a tree with your friends or family is really the epitome of Miller Time, and beernaments are front and center on the tree.”

According to a Molson-Coors blog post, the beernaments, as well as the brand new Christmas tree keg stand can be purchased online, with the latter available in new batches weekly through December 6th.

In addition to Miller beernaments and tree stands, super fans can also collect holiday-themed Miller “ugly” sweaters, beanies, socks, and more.