Miranda Lambert Settling Down Music Video: Watch

by Jacklyn Krol

Miranda Lambert released the captivating new music video for “Settling Down.”

‘Settling Down’ Video

The video begins with the “Bluebird” singer riding on her horse wearing a baby blue gown. We then see quick glimpses of her at a pond and around her farm. We then see her sitting at the pond staring at a man (played by her husband, Brendan Mcloughlin) fishing across the way. They smile at one another and the rest is history.

We find the couple snuggled in a hammock holding hands and sharing tender moments together. The video cuts to Lambert and a shirtless Mcloughlin cooking in their kitchen. Finally, the video concludes with Lambert in her dress finding Mcloughlin in his tuxedo.

Watch the music video, below.

What Miranda Lambert Had to Say

Prior to the music video premiere, Lambert held a premiere fan Q&A session. She revealed that she came up with the concept herself and it was shot at home on her farm with her husband. The video also features one of her personal signature acoustic guitars.

Lambert got the idea for the song after having a conversation with her bus driver while on tour. The two were discussing the idea of settling down. Lambert co-wrote the song alongside Luke Dick and Natalie Hemby, who are both parents. Going into the songwriting session, the songstress brought in a lyric that she wrote in her cell phone’s notes app. “Should I give up sunsets for marigold mornings?”

“I’m getting on a bus, but I’m also going home to be with someone I love,” she shared. “So it’s this juxtaposition of, ‘Can I do both? Is that ok? Should I feel bad that I’m home or should I feel bad that I’m leaving?’”

“Wherever the people that you love are is home, so it can be anywhere,” she continued. “But it was a cool song to write at the very time that we needed to write it. I feel like a lot of people feel that way, that they have this gypsy spirit, and they want to be rock ‘n’ roll, but they also love having a morning at home with their bare feet on their own kitchen floor. It’s an amazing struggle to deal with actually.”