Missing Skier’s Body Found in Crevasse at the Base of a Mountain in Mount Rainier National Park

by Hunter Miller

A 28-year-old missing skier’s body was located in a crevasse at the base of a mountain in Washington. Authorities determined the skier’s body is in a position too dangerous to reach by land or air.

Matthew Bunker fell on Friday while skiing behind his partner on the north side of Mount Rainier. It is unknown how Bunker fell. After spending the past four days searching the area, National Park Service rangers found the body at the base of Liberty Ridge.

The crevasse where Bunker was found is inaccessible by ground or aviation teams, according to Daily Mail. Due to continuous rock and icefall, it’s too dangerous for a team to go in and retrieve Bunker’s body.

Over the weekend, helicopter crews searching for Bunker faced severe winds and cloudy conditions. However, Tuesday’s clear skies allowed rangers to fly close enough to the mountain to locate Bunker’s body.

Tracy Swartout, Deputy Superintendent of Mount Rainier National Park, released a statement about the incident. “We extend our deepest condolences to Matthew’s loved ones and friends,” Swartout said. “It brings us a great degree of sorrow to be unable to bring him home to his family.”

More Missing Persons at Mount Rainier

Bunker was one of three people to go missing in the last two weeks. Talal Sabbagh, 27, and Vincent Djie, 25, are still missing. Sabbagh was reported missing on June 22 and was last seen hiking in Paradise on Sunday. Djie was last seen on Friday, June 19.

Park Rangers recently warned visitors to stay away from the Paradise area. A spokesman said: “Falling through thin snow bridges is a hazard anywhere streams remain snow-covered and may potentially cause new incidents, in addition to possibly obscuring important clues to Sabbagh’s whereabouts. These accidents with independent search parties would divert professional search teams from existing searches.”

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