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Missing Tennessee 9-Year-Old Found Alive After Constructing Shelter Out of Tarp

by Chris Haney
Photo by: Focus/Toomas Tuul/Universal Images Group via Getty Images

On Tuesday, investigators found the missing Tennessee 9-year-old, Jordan Gorman, alive and well after he constructed a makeshift shelter out of a tarp. A Cheatham County Amber Alert had been in place for Gorman since Sunday.

Cheatham County Sheriff Mike Breedlove said they found Gorman on Lisa Lane and Valley View Road under a pool liner with no shoes on. In addition, Breedlove said a Christian County, Kentucky rescue worker located the boy.

During a Tuesday afternoon news conference, investigators explained the scene when they found Gorman. They said rescuers searched a creek in the area and found a tarp over a tree limb. The rescuers scared Gorman as they made contact with him. But, he calmed down once he realized he had been saved. Additionally, he enjoyed the four-wheeler ride back to the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation’s staging area where medics evaluated his health.

Rescuers found Gorman around three-quarters of a mile from his home. He told investigators that he did not know how long he had been lost and alone. Gorman added that he was cold while lost and that he was happy they found him.

Gorman’s ingenuity shocked investigators as they found him under his makeshift shelter.

“He saw these deer and saw these bucks. He had the fortitude to find this tarp and create a makeshift shelter,” officials said.

Missing Boy Persevered, Reminds Us What It Means to Be an Outsider

Meanwhile, investigators are working to get Gorman food and warm clothes. Since the request, citizens from all over the Nashville community have reached out to help the missing boy.

In addition, EMS transported Gorman to an area hospital. He will stay there today as medical professionals monitor and regulate his body temperature. Hospital staff will take blood samples and monitor the young man’s other vital signs as a precaution. However, once the hospital releases Gorman from their care, it is not clear what the next steps are for the boy.

Not only are officials amazed by Gorman’s ingenuity while on his own, but the boy’s fortitude while lost embodies what a true Outsider is. Gorman is absolutely part of a larger community of “ordinary people doing extraordinary things” like we pride ourselves on here at Outsider.com. He never gave up, and used his surroundings to the best of his ability, which bought time for rescuers to find him. We at Outsider salute Gorman and his efforts to persevere while alone in the outdoors at such a young age.