Missing Toddler Found Alive After Surviving Days in the Woods Alone

by Courtney Blackann

Days after a boy went missing in Texas, authorities were losing hope that the 3-year-old would be found. However, through what one man is calling a miracle, the child was discovered alive and unharmed after three days and nights in the Texas heat.

Christopher Ramirez is the toddler who survived. His parents were unpacking their food truck near Houston when the boy chased the neighbor’s dog into a wooded area. This happened at about 2 p.m. Wednesday (October 6). Soon after, the dog came back, but the boy never did. The toddler’s parents could not locate him and called the police.

A search for Ramirez ensued immediately. According to the New York Post, local authorities, as well as the FBI and Texas EquuSearch, drew on all their resources to search for the missing toddler. But three days into his disappearance, the search was looking bleak.

According to the New York Post, Texas EquuSearch founder Tim Miller said by Saturday, he’d given up.

“In my 21 years with EquuSearch, this is only the second time when we had a child like this. Today, this morning, sheriff, honestly, I gave up,” Miller said. “But God works amazing, I got goosebumps. He works amazing. To see him and to hear that loud cry, sheriff, it was just unbelievable.”

Man Says He Was Inspired by God

However, it wasn’t a search and rescue team that stumbled upon Ramirez. A local man was attending a bible study group when he felt inspired to look for the boy. His instinct to do so was spot on. After a morning of searching, he found Ramirez, dehydrated and hungry, but otherwise perfectly fine.

“The kind and humble citizen that found Christopher was indeed a special and Guardian Angel that was in the right place at the right time. He is a humble and kind man that did not want his name mentioned,” Grimes County Sheriff Don Sowell said.

He added:

“I had several good visits with him and thanked him for being there. He replied that God told him at Bible study yesterday evening to go look for him and he would find him. This morning the man did just that and the rest is a happy ending to this story.”

The boy was taken to Texas Children’s Hospital in the Woodlands (north Houston) to recover. His mother hasn’t left her child’s side since.

Missing Child Found in Australian Woods

In another similar case this year, a missing toddler wandered off in the Australian woods near Sydney this summer. The child, Anthony “AJ” Elfalak is an autistic, nonverbal 3-year-old. His parents were frantic after he disappeared on their large property.

While the family spotted a suspicious-looking truck around the same time their child disappeared, they worried he could have been kidnapped. However, authorities didn’t believe that was the case.

Somehow after three long days, the child was found about 1,500 feet away from his parents’ property. Like Ramirez, the child was dehydrated but otherwise okay.

“I can’t explain it, I’m so blessed,” the mother told reporters while holding AJ. “I’m so happy that he is here. He’s with us, he’s safe and well and healthy, that’s all that matters.”