Missouri Sports Radio Host Goes off the Air After Kamala Harris Comments

by Hunter Miller
(photo credit: Michael A. McCoy / Stringer / Getty Images)

Missouri sports radio host Nate Lucas is off the air this week after using a sexist slur to describe Democratic Vice Presidential candidate Kamala Harris. Lucas reportedly made the insulting remarks this past Friday.

Lucas hosts “The Nate Lucas Show” on Springfield’s Jock radio stations. Operations Manager Tom Ladd said on Monday that Lucas will not be appearing on the 9-11 a.m. show at all during this week.

In addition to making offensive comments about Kamala Harris, sources say Lucas also stirred controversy commenting on members of the Missouri State University football program on Friday. He reportedly slammed the team after learning about a student-led racial injustice march through campus.

On Monday, Ladd explained that the radio station chooses to remain quiet in regards to the situation at the moment. “While we’d like to say more about the situation right now, it would probably be better if we leave it at that for the time being,” Ladd said, according to USA Today.

Missouri Sports Radio Host’s Comments Prompt His Colleagues to Quit

Since Friday, Art Hains, a longtime host of “Sports Talk,” announced his decision to leave the station. Hains, who also calls play-by-play for Missouri State athletics, says he plans to leave indefinitely. He stated that he wants no association with the “regrettable” comments Lucas made about Missouri State student-athletes and staff.

Hains mentioned that he reviewed the tape from Lucas’ show from Friday. Thereafter, he chose to leave until the station resolves the situation.

This past Friday marks one of multiple times Lucas made controversial statements. Last year, Lucas labeled one caller a “likely pedophile,” a News-Leader recording reveals. The caller questioned Lucas’ work ethic and professionalism prompting Lucas to hurl the accusation.

Nate Lucas took over the time slot at Jock radio once held by Springfield broadcaster Ned Reynolds. In the past, Lucas also broadcasted for Springfield Cardinals games and Southwest Baptist University athletics.

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