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Missouri Tractor-Trailer Crash Kills At Least Six

by Shelby Scott
(Photo By Lauren A. Little/MediaNews Group/Reading Eagle via Getty Images)

At least six people died in an ugly tractor-trailer crash in Missouri on Thursday. The wreckage left untold numbers of individuals injured. A handful of seriously wounded drivers and passengers were evacuated to three different area hospitals.

At a Glance:

  • More than 30 vehicles became entagnled in a massive tractor-trailer crash on Thursday.
  • By Friday, officials confirmed six people had died.
  • Affected roadways have opened, with traffic moving through by Friday morning.

Multivehicle Crash Leaves Six Dead

As of early Friday morning, Interstate-57 reopened for normal traffic after a deadly tractor-trailer crash in Missouri left six dead. Fox 2: Now reports the multivehicle crash originally took place Thursday morning around 8:09 a.m. near Charleston in Mississippi County. While police have not yet identified a cause, Mississippi County Sheriff’s Office is investigating whether foggy conditions at the time presented drivers with decreased visibility.

Soon after the crash, the sheriff’s office said in a statement, “We are asking for all unnecessary traffic to still avoid the area at this time to allow emergency personnel through.”

At the time of the crash, the Missouri State Highway Patrol reported multiple tractor-trailer crashes. Fires had ignited in both the north and southbound lanes.

Officials also sympathized with the family and friends of the crash victims.

“Our thoughts and prayers are with the families affected by this terrible incident,” the sheriff’s office added.

Immediately following the crash, it took first responders time to confirm the six deaths. Additionally, responding units were unsure how many people in total sustained injuries.

Missouri Tractor-Trailer Crash Shuts Down Area Roadways

Following the deadly crash, CBS News reports at least 13 miles of I-57 between Charleston, MO, and the Illinois state line saw closure.

In response to the massive pileup, emergency personnel deployed at least 12 ambulances and two air ambulances to the scene.

Fox 2: Now reported all affected roadways had reopened by 6 a.m. local time Friday. Authorities still emphasized, however, that drivers use caution as traffic approaches normal flow. Images from the scene can be found on the news outlet’s website.

Truck Driver Survives 50-Foot Plunge Into Boston River

As more information presents itself following the Thursday morning crash in Missouri, our thoughts remain with affected Outsiders. Hopefully, as an investigation ensues, authorities will be able to determine the cause of the crash.

Meanwhile, farther north, one tractor-trailer driver is lucky to be alive. Last month, boat dock video footage from Weston, Massachusetts caught the moment a tractor-trailer smashed through the barrier of a bridge over Charles River, plummeting 50 feet down into the water.

While authorities report the vehicle’s trailer snapped in half, reports from the incident state the driver managed to, somehow, walk away completely unscathed. In fact, upon rescue, the man had climbed to the top of the truck, yelling to rescuers that he can’t swim.

Fortunately for the truck driver, first responders had been in the area, clearing snow from local fire hydrants.