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Mixed Reality Goggles for Soldiers and Marines Coming in 2022

by Hannah Heser
(Photo by Sean Gallup/Getty Images)

After a delay, augmented reality goggles are still on track to reach soldiers next year.

According to the New York Post, the goggles use augmented reality to overlay displays into the vision of the user. “This project kicked off in 2018, running by the Army’s Program Executive Office-Soldier. It had an aggressive fielding date of early 2022. Following some inconsistencies in the heads-up displays and moisture control problems, the Army added another round of tests. So now the fielding date is later,” the New York Post reported.

Despite the delay, this gives many soldiers something to look forward to. From new navigation skills to more advanced technology, mixed reality goggles are going to be out of this world.

The Mixed Reality Goggles

The New York Post reported several facts from PEO Soldier commander Major General Anthony Potts. This is from a recent interview with the Army Times.

“The push is done out of an abundance of caution. The team is pushing the boundaries of technology with their demands for a wider field-of-view than ever before,” Potts explained. “This is the first-ever night vision device.”

Potts also stated that, “Current vision devices offer about 40-degree field-of-view for night vision or thermal sites.” And his goal is to double that to at least 80 degrees.

Therefore, scientists that work for the Army are currently figuring out this problem.

“But the IVAS that’s fielded this coming year will still offer an estimated 70-degree field-of-view, which is nearly twice the amount of standard devices,” Potts added.

Furthermore, the goggles will include stabilizing software sets, single-channel radio links, tactical cloud packages and system integration that goes along with other devices the troops have.

“The tactical cloud packages add capabilities on the fly in the future,” New York Post reported.

Not only is this invention going to make soldiers’ jobs easier, but scientists believe they will replace iPhones by 2023. What do you think Outsiders?

Will They Replace Smartphones By 2023?

Last year, scientists predicted that AR glasses will eventually replace smartphones. You can check out the video below.

One comment underneath the video made an excellent point for the new invention.

“Since smartphones have replaced computers for average use, I’m sure whatever feels most comfortable will replace smartphones and currently that will be AR glasses,” THUNDERBOLT said.

Overall, this just might be the new smartphone.