Mom Asks Santa to Move Christmas ‘Delivery Dates’ for Military, First Responders in Viral Letter

by Hannah Heser

I’m sure you remember writing letters to Santa when you were younger. But this Mom penned a viral note to Santa to ask him a special favor for military and first responders.

Meanwhile, Stephanie Davisson tells Fox News that she’s working extremely hard to change the date for Christmas this year. That is because she wants all of the military families, first responders and their children to not have to miss out on any holiday traditions for work.

The Story Behind the Mom’s Viral Letter to Santa for Military

First of all, Stephanie Davisson of Alaska, shares her letter to Santa on Facebook. She titled it, “Alternative Delivery Dates,” which is honestly super creative. This is her fourth year doing this for parents who work on December 25. Everyone deserves time to celebrate Christmas with their families, especially the kids.

After receiving the letter, Santa writes back with a thoughtful response.

“I’m sure you know that every December 24 my reindeer and I fly around the world spreading holiday cheer, but did you know I make other, special trips for special kids just like you?”

This reply had Stephanie crying with happy tears. She thought this news would thrill the families in need of a later delivery. Stephanie expresses her emotions in an interview with Fox News. This truly means a lot to her and her first responder friends who in fact, made the request.

“I know sometimes your mom or dad can’t be home on Christmas Day because they’re working, keeping us safe, and helping us in our times of need,” she remarks. “I want your whole family to have a special Christmas morning, together.”

With Stephanie’s husband, Brett being in the Army, it inspired this thoughtful idea of writing a letter to Santa for military and first responders. Throughout these last four years, she has received thousands of requests to access her letter to Santa. Some people got so inspired by this that they wanted versions of it for their own personal circumstances.

What Stephanie’s Idea is Looking Like This Year

Stephanie Davisson has added a special letter for any military children who have permanent change of station. As a matter of fact, her family is going through the same thing this year. She turns to Santa Claus to help her own kids manage this crazy life, especially around the holidays.

“My 5-year-old is concerned Santa won’t be able to find us, and thankfully, I have just the solution to ease that fear,” she adds.

While moving to their sixth deployment station this past summer, she chats with another mom on the playground. They share similarities of the army life and how it affects their holidays.

“I’ll never forget how genuinely grateful she sounded when she said, ‘Have you seen those Santa letters some lady does every year? She changes the date of Christmas and it’s genius!'” They take part in this idea for many special occassions, not just around Christmas time.

After all, this time of year is the season of giving. How will you help someone in need? Let’s start by helping families celebrate together when time allows.