Mom Seriously Injured in Missouri Tornado Reunites With Daughter in Moving Video

by Amanda Glover

After a mother was badly injured in a Missouri tornado, she was reunited with her young daughters.

32-year-old Meghan Rackley has been through a lot in the last 24 days. The tornado killed Meghan’s oldest daughter, 9-year-old Annistyn, and left Rackley in a coma for over three weeks. The storm also injured her 7-year-old daughter, Avalinn, who also required surgery. After breaking the vertebrae in her back, she will wear a support brace to help her heal.

The girl’s grandmother, Grandmother Pamela Moore, revealed to interviewers that although the children couldn’t go into the hospital, “just this little bit of time was good for everyone’s hearts.”

Rackley reunited with Avalinn and 3-year-old Alanna for the first time since her coma in heartwarming photographs. In the images, Rackley waves to, hugs, and kisses her children.

When the tornado first came through, Rackley and her husband, Trey, took shelter in the bathtub with their three daughters. This happened right before the tornado destroyed their home and flung them into a nearby field. Moments before the storm struck, the girls smiled for a photo, thinking they were safe.

Once emergency responders found the family and took them to the hospital, Avalinn spoke with doctors. “I was flying around in the tornado and I prayed to Jesus to take care of me, and he spit me out – and the tornado spits me out into the mud.”

The family’s tragic events went viral once the photo of the girls taking shelter in the bathtub went viral. After over 30 tornadoes crashed through Kentucky, Missouri, and three other states in early December, the events took place. The tornadoes killed at least 90 people.

Friends and family documented the Rackley’s journey on social media to tell their story and help them heal.

Friends and Family Tell the Rackley’s Story After Tornado

The family’s home was one of the hundreds destroyed after a series of tornadoes attacked five states in the last week.

A week after her surgery and a couple of days before the Christmas holiday, Avalinn walks down a hallway wearing a neck brace and using a walker. The young girl received her treatment at Le Bonheur Children’s Hospital.

The girl’s grandmother shared two clips of Avalinn’s recovery to Facebook. The caption reads: “So I’m gonna fill your heart with joy and then break it at the same time (welcome to my world).”

“Physically, Ava is doing amazing,” Moore says. “If this last drain comes out, we may get to come home tomorrow. Emotionally, she misses Annistyn.”

The Missouri community is rallying behind the family. They created a Crowdfunding page to assist the family with medical expenses and funeral costs.

We, at Outsider, send our condolences to the family and wish them a strong recovery.