‘Monarch’ Star Trace Adkins Reveals Why He Didn’t Ask ‘1883’s Tim McGraw for Acting Advice

by Clayton Edwards
(Photo by FOX via Getty Images)

Trace Adkins stars in Fox’s upcoming drama series Monarch, and everyone is excited to finally see it. However, this isn’t Adkins’ first acting role. He’s appeared in several films, including I Can Only Imagine, Deepwater Horizon, and 13 Minutes alongside the late Anne Heche. Additionally, Trace is far from the only country star to cross over into acting. For instance, Dolly Parton has been in several iconic films, and Tim McGraw was masterful in 1883.

However, Trace Adkins didn’t feel the need to reach out to any of his contemporaries before taking the lead role on Monarch. Recently. Adkins did a Q&A session to promote the upcoming series on Fox News Digital. At one point, he explained why he didn’t ask anyone for advice.

Trace Adkins Didn’t Seek Advice from Tim McGraw

During the Q&A, one interviewer asked Trace Adkins, “Did you get any advice from Blake Shelton, who’s been on TV or maybe like Tim McGraw?”

Adkins started with a short answer. “No, man. I really haven’t,” he said. Then, he discussed why he didn’t reach out to Blake Shelton for advice.  “Blake’s thing is a completely different animal. It’s apples and oranges. No, they’re not even both fruits. So, you can’t compare that stuff.”

Then, Trace Adkins talked a little about Tim McGraw’s acting. “No, I haven’t talked to Tim about it. Tim’s a good actor. I’ve always respected what he does. I’ve just kind of done my own thing. [I] Haven’t really had to lean on anybody too much for a lot of advice.”

Preparing for Monarch

It doesn’t sound like Trace Adkins needed any advice for the role of Albie Roman in Monarch. To hear Adkins tell it, playing Albie is almost like portraying himself. One interviewer wanted to know how he prepared for the role.

“Well, Albie, it really wasn’t a stretch,” Adkins said. “He’s just a no-nonsense kind of guy. I’m kind of that way, too,” he pointed out. “He’s not very animated, and neither am I. We say what we need to say and don’t have to yell it. Just kind of move through this life as softly and as peacefully as they’ll allow us to,” he said. “But, when they don’t,” Trace gives a shrug, “We’ll do what we’ve got to do.”

He summed it all up by saying, “It wasn’t a stretch to get to be Albie Roman.”

Getting into character wasn’t an issue for Trace Adkins. However, he did get a little intimidated by one of his Monarch co-stars. Oscar-winning actress Susan Sarandon plays Adkins’ on-screen wife in the series. He told Fox News Digital that the prospect of working with her was “terrifying,” but he knew he was in good hands.

“I quickly realized that she is so good, so professional, that she is going to carry the scene. You just have to hang on and make it to the buzzer, and she’ll take care of it.”