More Than 52,000 Pounds of Chicken Salad, Dip Recalled Due to Possible Plastic Contamination

by Shelby Scott

Chicken is frequently a questionable meat as it poses threats like salmonella and, when eaten, is relatively unsafe. However, canned chicken can pose dangers of its own too as its quickly and easily mass-produced. Most recently, Willow Tree Poultry Farm had to recall over 52,000 pounds of chicken salads and dips. According to the Agriculture Department, there is a risk of potential plastic contamination.

Recalls can frequently be difficult to process and locate. However, thankfully, Willow Tree Poultry only needed to recall a small batch of its products. According to Today, the company only needed to recall the products manufactured between August 10th and the 13th. As of now, there have fortunately been no allergies or injuries among recalls.

When the announcement went public, the brand shared that pieces of “hard white plastic” contaminated several company salads and dips. After a consumer reported the finding, they “immediately researched the issue and uncovered a food-grade plastic bearing that failed on our cooking line,” as stated by company President Walter Cekala.

Willow Tree Poultry Farm is Actively Pushing the Product Recall

The president further explained, “Even though we were able to account for 90% of the bearing, we decided, out of abundance of caution, to voluntarily recall all of the product produced with the chicken cooked on that day.”

Hopefully, then, consumers will avoid encountering more of the plastic pieces in their food.

Further, the article stated any of the affected products will bear the label, “EST. P-8827.” Overall, the affected region lies within the New England states. These include Connecticut, Massachusetts, Maine, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, and Vermont. Any United States residents who come across the affected products should throw them away or return them to the original retailer.

The company president then stated, “New measures have been put in place to safeguard this from occurring in the future. The production of safe, wholesome food is and always will be our primary mission.”

Other Food Companies Recently Encountered Food Safety Issues

In the United States, food recalls occur regularly as American food products frequently possess many additives and substitutes compared to foods internationally. While it appears Willow Tree Poultry Farm was proactive about following through on the recall, they’re not the only company to encounter food product safety issues recently.

Just last week, the famous food brand, Hostess, issues a voluntary recall on their hamburger and hotdog buns. The recall came following concerns about salmonella and listeria in the food products. The affected recalled buns possess best-by dates beginning August 13th and extending through September/early October.

While some food recalls may seem overly cautious on occasion the FDA (Food & Drug Administration) states that ill-produced food can result in very different reactions depending on the health of a person. For example, healthier individuals who come in contact with recalled foods may simply experience nausea or diarrhea. On the other hand, those who possess weaker immune systems are more susceptible to extreme reactions, occasionally even resulting in death.